Song of the Day – “Run With Me” by Hudson Taylor

February 5, 2018

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New Music Monday!

I have decided to dedicate a few days each week to a particular theme. Mondays will now be “New Music Monday.” On this day I will post a song from either a new artist that is up and coming or new music from an artist you may already know.

Today I am posting a new song from a duo that I absolutely adore. This is Hudson Taylor – an Irish folk pop duo with brothers Alfie and Harry Hudson-Taylor. This is their new single which was just released a couple of weeks ago and which is on their new EP – Feel It Again.

I have posted about Hudson Taylor in the past – back in 2013 and 2015. Click here to see those posts and listen to other fabulous songs by them. I have been following the brothers since the spring of 2012 and I just love their sound. I hope you enjoy this great new music.

One more thing. They are heading out on a North American tour with Gabrielle Aplin (UK artist and long time girlfriend of Alfie) later this month. I have been trying to work out my schedule so that I can see them. If they are going to be in your area, I would highly recommend you check it out!

Song of the Day – “World Without You” by Hudson Taylor

March 10, 2015


Today’s song is one you will have to listen to on YouTube below as it is not yet available here in the US. I love Hudson Taylor, an Irish folk pop duo with brothers Alfie and Harry Hudson-Taylor.


I have posted a song from Hudson Taylor in the past, but wanted to share this new song (and brand new video!) by them today. They will be releasing their debut album, Singing For Strangers, across the world (except the US and Canada) on March 30. I will be keeping my eye out for the US release date and will let you know as soon as I know. In the meantime, this is a great music video and I think you will love the song.

I have linked to their LP, Chasing Rubies, above. The LP was released in late 2013 and if you have not yet listened to their music, please check them out … they truly are awesome! You can also preview their new album by clicking HERE.

“Superheroes” by The Script

August 8, 2014


How did this week fly by so quickly? It was just Monday … and then all of the sudden today is Friday. Where is the summer going?

It has been a happy week. On Monday, I drove to Washington D.C. to pick up my daughter who was just finishing her internship. We packed her up and drove home the next day. It has been fabulous to wake up in the morning knowing that she is here under our roof … at least for a little while. She will be leaving for China for a study abroad semester in just a couple of weeks, but I will enjoy every minute that she is here at home.

I absolutely love this song today. I am a huge fan of The Script and have been for many years (see Song of the Day – January 28, 2014), since I first discovered them while living in London. This song just tells such an amazing story, particularly when you watch the video. I love songs and stories about people who rise above their struggles and sorrows.

The Script always tells a good story and this song is no exception. I am not at all surprised that this is the first single off their upcoming album. It very much reminds me of their song, “Hall of Fame,” which pretty much became the theme song for the 2012 London Olympics. Both songs are passionate, motivating songs for the masses that tell a story and capture an audience. I hope that you will watch the video as you listen to this song – I found it very moving.

“Superheroes” was just released in July and The Script’s new album, No Sound Without Silence, is out on September 15 in the UK and September 30 here in the US. Although they are just finishing up a huge tour with OneRepublic, they will be performing at the Hammerstein Ballroom in NYC just one day after the album release here in the US on October 1. I have seen them live in concert three times already and I am quite certain that I will be there for this show as well. I really just love these three Irish guys!

SONG OF THE DAY – “SHOUT IT” by Southern

June 21, 2014


Just a quick note today as I am sitting at the airport waiting for a red-eye flight home from California to New York. It has been a busy and beautiful 3 days in Northern California.

I just want to share a really fun and very upbeat song. I am trying to keep myself energized and awake until the moment I board that airplane so that I can fall asleep and I have listened to this song about 10 times!

Southern is a young brother-sister duo from Belfast, Ireland, which consists of Thom and Lucy Southern. They have this amazing folksy blues sound which is just really cool. They make great music together which is upbeat, a little raucous, and just a lot of fun. They released their debut, self-titled album, Southern, in December. I think they have a great sound which will definitely lead to more. Gerry Anderson from BBC Radio called the band:

“The most promising singer/songwriters in Ireland today.”

Not much more to write today as I have to leave in 10 minutes to go catch my flight. I hope you like this song. Another good one to check out by Southern is called, “Where The Wild Are.” I will return to some regularity when I return to NY tomorrow. Here’s to hoping to get some sleep on that plane!

SONG OF THE DAY – “VOLCANO” by Damien Rice

March 17, 2014



Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

I feel like today demands a song from an Irish artist in honor of St. Patrick’s Day. There are so many incredibly talented artists from Ireland out there to choose from, but I chose to post a song from Damien Rice today because I have seen his name mentioned so many times recently as being the influence for numerous artists. He is one of those artists that has inspired an entire generation of musicians.

Damien Rice is an incredibly gifted singer-songwriter and musician from Ireland. He started his musical career with a rock band called Juniper in the 1990s and began his solo career in 2001. “Volcano” is an older song, released by him in 2003 on his album O. The first time that I heard this song and fell in love with it was during the 2012 American Idol season when Phillip Phillips performed his interpretation of the song. It was incredible and was the first song that I ever purchased of an American Idol performance. His version is also worth listening to as it is superb! Phillip Phillips is one of those young artists who lists Damien Rice as an influence and one of his favorite musicians.

Hope you remembered to wear green today! 😉 Happy St. Patrick’s Day and a shout out to all the incredibly talented Irish musicians out there.

“Six Degrees of Separation” by The Script

January 28, 2013



Well, the GRAMMY awards are over and now back to recognizing ALL the good music that is out there. I find the awards interesting; there are so many artists that are incredible that never get any recognition. I would love to understand how the voters pick their nominees and how the voting process occurs. I find it funny that they honor lots of “old-timers” in current shows because they never actually won a GRAMMY back in the day when they should have been honored. Oh well, I guess it is just one method of honoring artists … the other is a celebration by us, as music lovers and fans, as we honor and enjoy the wide range of musical talents and genres. So, back to the music …

Today, I am sharing a song from one of my favorite bands (I know, I have a lot of favorites ;)!) The Script is an Irish band that I have been in love with for many years. I distinctly remember when I first discovered them. It was 2008 and we were living in London. I was on the high street getting my hair cut. The salon was pretty hip and they had a great radio station playing. Suddenly this song starts to play and I immediately love it! So, the whole time I am sitting there getting my hair finished, I am trying to remember all the words to the song because I had not been paying attention when they introduced it and said who it was or the name of the song.

I walked home and immediately told my kids: “I just heard the best song and I need to figure out who it is! The song was about a guy who is sitting on a corner and he has a sign …” My daughter rolled her eyes at me, sat down at the computer, and said, “I’m probably going to need more to go on than that.” But we begin googling new songs, new artists and some of the words I could remember and sure enough … we figured it out! It was “The Man Who Can’t Be Moved” by The Script. It was then, and still is, one of my favorite songs.

The Script is comprised of three Irish guys (a self proclaimed Celtic Trio) – Danny O’Donoghue, Mark Sheehan, and Glen Power – who are incredibly talented song-writers, musicians, and singers. They are great storytellers and write a lot about their life and love. Some of the topics they have covered are the death of parents (The End Where I Begin, If You Could See Me Now), and troubles that friends and family were having, particularly during the economic downturn in Ireland (For the First Time, If You Ever Come Back). They have released three albums: The Script (2008), Science & Faith (2010), and #3 (2012). Based on that history, I am hoping for a new album this year. All three albums are fantastic and very different from each other, but I tend to have a stronger connection to the first two albums even though I love several songs on #3.  Check out all their music because I can’t even begin to list the songs I would recommend. Today’s song is from #3 and I love the word play that they use – “Six Degrees of Separation.”

I did not get to see The Script perform live while I was living in London, but I have seen them 3 times back here in the States! They are incredible live! They are funny, personable, down-to-earth, and sound even better live than recorded. They have opened for some incredibly big names, such as Paul McCartney and U2, both of whom personally sought them out because they were so impressed with their talent.

   Back Camera Back Camera

With that background, I have some exciting news! The Script is touring with OneRepublic this year … two of my all time favorite bands together! Does it get any better than that?!! I am thrilled and can’t wait for the concert. My entire family loves both bands so it will be a great family show. I have to say that The Script and OneRepublic are two of only a handful of bands that I wouldn’t have to beg my husband to attend with me. To top it off, American Authors will also be touring with them. 🙂


December 6, 2013


This song is from the new motion picture about Nelson Mandela’s early years, entitled “Mandela – Long Walk to Freedom.” It is a brand new song which was just released by U2 on November 21. I listened to it right before Thanksgiving week and knew that I wanted to use it for a Song of the Day, but who knew that the perfect moment would come so soon afterwards. U2 wrote the song to honor Nelson Mandela.
I was saddened yesterday when I learned that Nelson Mandela had passed away. We lost one of the world’s most important leaders of all time, as well as an amazing human being. History will remember him forever, but how lucky we are that we actually lived during the story. He inspires me to be better.
As I watched the internet explode last night with stories, condolences, and tributes about Mandela, I marveled at the vastness of his reach. Musicians, politicians, actors, sports heros, business leaders, and, yes, even us more ordinary folk from all across the globe were touched by this man. We were inspired by his spirit of humility, patience, wisdom, and forgiveness. I hope that in his passing, it ignites that spirit in each of us. I hope that the call for compassion and peace, equality, and most of all love for our fellow human beings, will ring strong across the world through his memory. 
“We can’t fall any further if we can’t feel ordinary love, and we cannot reach any higher if we can’t deal with ordinary love.”

Rest in Peace, Nelson Mandela.

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SONG OF THE DAY – “Drop in the Ocean” by Hudson Taylor

November 12, 2013


Today I want to introduce you to one of my favorite new bands – Hudson Taylor. I have been following them since the spring of 2012 and I just love their sound. I remember telling my daughter, “These guys are going to be HUGE!”

This is one of their new songs and it is fantastic. Unfortunately, it is not available on iTunes yet, but I have given you the link to their album, “Chasing Rubies,” which is awesome! I would love to give you just one recommendation off that album, but honestly, I am obsessed with every one of the songs. Give it a listen … I think you will hear what I am talking about and you will definitely find at least one song that you MUST have!

They have a new album out – Osea – but it is not yet available in the US (it is available on the UK iTunes site if you have an account there).

I have a little secret for you … if you LIKE them on their Facebook page today, you can get a free download of this song, “Drop in the Ocean.”

Hudson Taylor is composed of two brothers – Alfie and Harry – from Dublin, Ireland. The band name, Hudson Taylor, is actually their surname. They harmonize like no duo I have ever heard before. In addition, they are adorable. Alfie, the lead singer, has a real James Dean look while I think Harry looks an awful lot like Ashton Kutcher.  The chemistry between the two brothers is amazing and they just look like they are having so much fun making music together. They have a unique musical sound which is addictive. They are truly an amazing talent!

This is a band that I have been dying to see live in concert! They did make a brief sweep through the US last year, but I was not able to get to a show. They are currently touring – doing their own headline tour throughout the UK and Ireland, and touring with Kodaline on their November UK tour. I am hoping that they follow Kodaline here to the US on their tour that is coming early next year. A girl can dream … 🙂


SONG OF THE DAY – “HEARTS ON FIRE” by Passenger with Ed Sheeran

November 8, 2013

Two buttons today? Unfortunately this song is not yet available on iTunes, so I have given you links to both of their individual albums. I will let you know the minute “Hearts on Fire” is released!

Download_on_iTunes_Badge_US-UK_110x40_1004            Download_on_iTunes_Badge_US-UK_110x40_1004

This is pretty typical of me with music. I find songs that I love and then I have to wait for them to be released. It’s torture! 😉

I have iTunes accounts in both the US and the UK so that I can purchase music off both sites. Often I can only find a  song on the UK iTunes site because it has not been (and may never be) released here. That is also true with Spotify. Anyway, I love both of these artists and I am anxiously waiting for this song to be released. I will let you know the minute I find out!

A short little story to share about Ed Sheeran. We have been listening to Ed for many years. In fact, the first time I posted a Song of the Day by Ed Sheeran was in 2011. I was so excited about his music and then I learned that he had come to my kids’ school in London to  perform at a high school assembly during the 2009-10 school year. How cool is that?! He even “friended” many of the kids after that performance. My daughter laughs that she was once “Facebook Friends” with Ed Sheeran rather than just a “Fan.” He is one of the most amazing live performers I have ever seen. It is just him up on that stage alone and it is awesome! He is wildly popular now and his concert tickets are difficult to get your hands on, but if you ever have the chance … go see him. I think it will be the first time you will ever get “shooshed” by a performer. I am a huge fan!

SONG OF THE DAY – “FALLING SLOWLY” by Glen Hansard & Marketa Irglova

November 7, 2013

TBT – Originally posted as my daughter’s Song of the Day on 12/01/2009.


My teenagers often tell me that I am technologically challenged.  I have to remind them that I am much better than most parents.  (This may or may not be true, but it makes me feel better.)

It is sometimes hard to believe that I grew up without the computer.  I still vividly remember taking Type Class in high school and – yes! – it was on a typewriter.  So, I think my kids should give me a break.  Yes, they are better than me at almost all things technology based, but they have grown up with it since birth.  I think that makes me (and all of you not born in the 90s) pretty amazing.  Just look at how far we have come in such a short period of time.  I had to learn all of these things after my brain had stopped growing!

Anyway, enough about my awesomeness … there is a reason to this post.  Today I am starting a new type of post for Thursdays – “TBT” or “Throw Back Thursday.”  This has been popular on social media for some time with people posting old photos, but I am going to transfer that to Songs of the Day.  I started posting a Song of the Day on my daughter’s Facebook page 4 years ago and we have shared a tremendous amount of music together.  Starting today, on every Thursday I will post a TBT song from one of those days that begin back in October 2009.  The song I selected today is a favorite of mine.  It just exemplifies emotion in music.

Well, gotta run … I am learning how to Tweet today.  I will catch up to those youngsters yet.