December 6, 2013


This song is from the new motion picture about Nelson Mandela’s early years, entitled “Mandela – Long Walk to Freedom.” It is a brand new song which was just released by U2 on November 21. I listened to it right before Thanksgiving week and knew that I wanted to use it for a Song of the Day, but who knew that the perfect moment would come so soon afterwards. U2 wrote the song to honor Nelson Mandela.
I was saddened yesterday when I learned that Nelson Mandela had passed away. We lost one of the world’s most important leaders of all time, as well as an amazing human being. History will remember him forever, but how lucky we are that we actually lived during the story. He inspires me to be better.
As I watched the internet explode last night with stories, condolences, and tributes about Mandela, I marveled at the vastness of his reach. Musicians, politicians, actors, sports heros, business leaders, and, yes, even us more ordinary folk from all across the globe were touched by this man. We were inspired by his spirit of humility, patience, wisdom, and forgiveness. I hope that in his passing, it ignites that spirit in each of us. I hope that the call for compassion and peace, equality, and most of all love for our fellow human beings, will ring strong across the world through his memory. 
“We can’t fall any further if we can’t feel ordinary love, and we cannot reach any higher if we can’t deal with ordinary love.”

Rest in Peace, Nelson Mandela.

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