History of NYMP

Four years ago, on 20-October-2009, I began posting a “Song of the Day” on my daughter’s Facebook page. It started as a way to communicate with her while also sharing something we both loved – music.

Some days the songs related to something that was happening in her life or the life of our family … and other days it was just a fun way for me to share a song or introduce her to some new music. Over the years it has evolved and taken on a life of it’s own. You can imagine the size of our music library after 4 years worth of Songs of the Day! We have discovered new and emerging artists, enjoyed current favorites, and have often rediscovered older music that might have been forgotten.

I started Song of the Day while we were living in London, England. A year later, as we were preparing to move back to the States, a friend of mine in London asked me if I would start doing a Song of the Day for her. She said that she was going to miss hearing about all the great music I was sharing with my daughter, and she thought it would be a fun way for us to stay connected while growing her own music library at the same time.

I started my second Song of the Day on the day I boarded the plane to move from London to Dallas, Texas (the song … “Good-Bye England” by Laura Marling). This second Song of the Day has now continued for three years!

It is thanks to both my friend’s persuasion, and my daughter’s encouragement, that I have created this website so that I can share the music I love with a broader audience.

My friend says that when she plays her music she often hears, “I love your playlist! Where do you find these songs?” When she called to tell me that her teenage daughter’s summer playlist included a whole list of songs from me, she insisted that it was time to share my Songs of the Day with a bigger audience. But, it was when my daughter shared a text that she received from a friend about my playlist that we all knew it was time to start this page. The text simply read, “Dude, your mom has the best playlist!”

So, it is with that thought in mind that I have created this site. I don’t expect you to like every song that is shared, but hopefully you will hear something new or remembered, and find something that you just have to add to YOUR playlist. This most certainly is NOT YOUR MOM’S PLAYLIST!

Peace*Love*Music! ❤

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