Song of the Day – “My Way” by Mike Mains (featuring Yacht Money)

October 7, 2017


Here is a happy song for your weekend!

I have always been a fan of Mike Mains & The Branches, but it appears that he is no longer with The Branches. ūüėČ ¬†Three years ago I posted one of my favorite songs by them – “Everything’s Gonna Be Alright.” I have always found their music to be uplifting and fun. They are currently on tour and are coming to NYC this week. If I can get home in time … I will be there!

Not much to say today other than Be Happy and I hope things are going your way today. Happy weekend and enjoy the song!

“CARRY ON” by Fun.

September 28, 2014


I know this is an older song and it is not Throwback Thursday, but after an experience I had yesterday morning, I just had to post it as my Song of the Day today. One of my all time favorites!

Yesterday morning I went running in Central Park with my husband. We ran past the stage setup and security for the Global Citizen Festival on our way to the reservoir. The festival was last night and the stage was all set up ready for the show. After running around the reservoir we were headed back to the Columbus Circle area when we heard music playing. I stopped and said, “That is Fun.!.” We immediately turned around and ran back to the stage. They were doing sound checks for the concert and Fun. was on stage running through their set. We sat there and watched their entire set. They sounded amazing! We heard four songs, but they finished with this one and then we “carried on” and finished our run.

I have always loved this song and find it so inspirational. It truly is one of those songs that can help you through a difficult time. My favorite line – “May your past be the sound of your feet upon the ground.” I have been singing it ever since yesterday morning. Funny how an older song gets a new spark. This song has been on my playlist for several years now, but it is now back at the top.

Just wanted to share this cool experience with you today. You gotta love NYC! Only there would I just happen upon Fun. playing in the park at 9:00 am on a Saturday morning!


September 9, 2014


Following the song title’s advice today. ūüôā

So, in honor of settling down, I am off to the city for a concert tonight. It is going to be fabulous – an artist that I really like giving a private show at Webster Hall in NYC. This will be a new venue for me and one that I have really been wanting to visit. I love these small, intimate, invitation-only concerts where you really get up and close to the artist.I can’t wait to let you know about it tomorrow.

Today’s song is by The 1975, a four-piece, alt-rock band from Manchester in the UK. The group met at school in 2002 and released their first EP in 2012; three more EPs followed. They recently released their debut, self-titled album, The 1975, in September 2013.

The band consists of Matt Healy (lead vocals and guitar), Adam Hann (guitar), Ross McDonald (bass), and George Daniel (drums). They have a really cool sound and are certainly making a big splash. In April of this year they had their first big performance in the US, playing at Coachella Music Festival. I am sure there is much more to come from them and if you have not already explored their music, take time to do it now. They are really good!

Gotta run … I have a train to catch!

“Superheroes” by The Script

August 8, 2014


How did this week fly by so quickly? It was just Monday … and then all of the sudden today is Friday. Where is the summer going?

It has been a happy week. On Monday, I drove to Washington D.C. to pick up my daughter who was just finishing her internship. We packed her up and drove home the next day. It has been fabulous to wake up in the morning knowing that she is here under our roof … at least for a little while. She will be leaving for China for a study abroad semester in just a couple of weeks, but I will enjoy every minute that she is here at home.

I absolutely love this song today. I am a huge fan of The Script and have been for many years (see Song of the Day – January 28, 2014), since I first discovered them while living in London. This song just tells such an amazing story, particularly when you watch the video. I love songs and stories about people who rise above their struggles and sorrows.

The Script always tells a good story and this song is no exception. I am not at all surprised that this is the first single off their upcoming album. It very much reminds me of¬†their song, “Hall of Fame,” which pretty much became the theme song for the 2012 London Olympics. Both songs are passionate, motivating songs for the masses that tell a story and capture an audience. I hope that you will watch the video as you listen to this song – I found it very moving.

“Superheroes”¬†was just released in July and The Script‚Äôs new album, No Sound Without Silence, is out on September 15 in the UK and September 30 here in the US. Although they are just finishing up a huge tour with OneRepublic, they will be performing at the Hammerstein Ballroom in NYC just one day after the album release here in the US on October 1. I have seen them live in concert three times already and I am quite certain that I will be there for this show as well. I really just love¬†these three Irish guys!


July 2, 2014


I am traveling with my son at a golf tournament this week in (what feels like) the Middle of Nowhere, Massachusetts. I’m sure it is not as isolated as it feels, but it definitely feels like I am in small town New England. It is lovely out here and the course is beautiful; however, I could not get internet access out here yesterday. Luckily I have it today, so I am taking advantage of it now while I have it.

Today’s song is completely different from the one posted on Monday, but it is just as awesome. That is one of the things that I love most about music!

I absolutely adore the feeling of this song. It just makes me feel good and brings a smile. I think it is because I feel the same attitude that the song title suggests and I really find that feeling empowering. The lyrics of this song are inspiring. One of my favorite lines is:

“You’ve got to fill your mind with new horizons or your dreams will pack their bags.”

Those words make me feel like I need to get moving and exploring new things, be more creative, adventurous, and jump in and take a risk. I find that I feel like I can when I listen to this song. I challenge you to listen to the song and watch the video below and see if you can do it without smiling. I can’t do it … I smile every single time. I am sitting here at the golf clubhouse restaurant and I think people must be thinking I am some crazy woman as I am sitting at my computer with headphones on and a stupid grin on my face. haha! Maybe I should turn the volume up and play it for the crowd.

I know it’s strange and I digress

The fact that we can’t understand

The meaning of this life

Sometimes it’s hard to find,

But if we learn to look between the lines of things

And if we’ll open up our eyes we’re going to see

The sunrise.

Everything, everything’s gonna be alright, gonna be alright!

Mike Mains & The Branches are an Indie Rock Band with a great sound. The band was originally formed in Gainseville, Texas in 2009, but that same year relocated to Michigan, which is the home state of Mains and Briggs. The band consists of Mike Mains, Shannon (Briggs) Mains, ¬†and Nate Wethy (Mike and Shannon were married in 2012). Today’s song is from their sophomore album,¬†Calm Down, Everything Is Fine, just released in February 2014 and entirely funded by a PledgeMusic campaign.


SONG OF THE DAY – “WE COME RUNNING” by Youngblood Hawke

April 21, 2014


Today was the Boston Marathon and I just had to post a song about running today because it inspired me. What an amazing race!

There is no other event quite like the Boston Marathon. Boston is still the only marathon in the world where you have to qualify in order to officially enter the race. In the late 1980s, they started allowing charity runners, but to be an official race entrant¬†you still have to run a qualifying time … and the times are no joke. It is a fast race!

I have run six marathons, qualifying for Boston on three separate occasions, and missing qualifying once by less than 60 seconds. Running and qualifying can become one of those very addictive activities, particularly for those of us with addictive behaviors. haha! I watched my husband run the race in 2003 (when I just missed qualifying) and then I ran it in 2005. It is one of the highlights of my life. What an incredible experience! There just truly is nothing like the Boston!

My parents and my little sister came to support me and watch me run the race, along with my kids who were pretty young at the time. It was so fun to have my family there with me!¬†My kids had their fold up chairs on their backs and their watches on their wrists so that they could track my time.¬†They were expert spectators!¬†I’m not sure either one of my kids¬†are particularly interested in¬†running a marathon right now, but they sure are more educated than most spectators and enjoy the thrill of the whole experience. My daughter¬†is really putting on the pressure for¬†me to qualify and run Boston at least one more time, so that I can run through the “Scream Tunnel” while she is still at Wellesley. ¬†After watching the race today, I feel like I just might be sufficiently motivated! ūüôā

Did you watch the race today? It was so exciting! The elite runners are just a thing of beauty! It is amazing to see the human body move so incredibly fast¬†and effortlessly. The women were very speedy! In fact, a new course record was set with Rita Jeptoo of Kenya running a 2:18:57. The old course record was set in 2002 by Kenyan, Margaret Okoya, with a finishing time of 2:20:43. Today’s race was so fast that there were actually four women who ran faster than that old course record.

The men were actually amazingly fast as well, but they were still several minutes off the course record time of 2:03:02 set by Geoffrey Mutai of Kenya in 2010. But, the men’s race was by far the most exciting to watch. An American man, Meb Keflezighi from San Diego, California won the race in a time of 2:08:37. He was the first American to win the race since 1983 and he set a PR at the age of 38! He took a lead fairly early in the race and held on to it for a long time, but in the last 2 miles of the race it was TENSE! He was being folllowed by Wilson Chebet of Kenya who was¬†trailing by no more than 6 to 12 seconds for the entire last 2 miles of the race. I was jumping up and down in my kitchen while watching the race being streamed on my computer. It was incredibly exciting and so thrilling to see Meb pick it up at the end and win.

Today’s song is from Youngblood Hawke, an Indie Pop/Rock band from Los Angeles, California. The group was named after the 1961 Herman Wouk novel by the same name. Today’s song is off their full length debut album, Wake Up, released in 2013.¬†The album did very well , landing in the Top 10 on the iTunes Albums chart after it’s release. They are definitely a group to keep your eye on and they just released a new single last month, called “Pressure.”

SONG OF THE DAY – “PARIS” by Magic Man

April 13, 2014


Happy Sun Day! I am so excited to see the sun! It is amazing what a blue sky and some sunshine can do for your psyche.

It appears that spring is finally coming to the east coast. I have every window in my house open today spreading fresh air throughout the house. I love that! I also just carried a¬†lounge chair outside to sit in the backyard, and we are planning to barbecue. I can’t wait until the flowers start blooming and the massive trees surrounding our house start breaking out their leaves. It looks like we may only get a few days of these temps and then dip back down into cooler weather again, but I am going to take advantage of every minute of this lovely weather.

I mentioned a couple of days ago that I was ready to bubble wrap my family. I should have acted upon that sentiment right at that moment! I got a text this morning from my daughter, who plays ultimate frisbee for her college team, and she got hit in the face with the frisbee at a tournament today. She is a fairly aggressive player (haha, if you know her, you will know that she is an intense being in general!) and somehow she got herself between the disk and a receiver. I guess she made a good block, but her lip, and the cut above it, are certainly showing the signs of that defensive move. Bubble wrap, baby! Send it to me in bulk!

Today’s song is from a young, New England-based band called Magic Man. The band originally started as a duo by two childhood friends (Alex Caplow and Sam Lee) who began writing music during their down time while traveling in France working on organic farms. They released their self-produced, debut album, titled Real Life Color, in 2010. In the short time since then, the band has grown to five members (adding¬†Justine Bowe, Daniel Radin, and Joey Sulkowski) and released an EP (You Are Here) in September 2013, with a full length album expected this year.

Magic Man has a very cool sound – blending synth pop with rock, creating what they call “triumphant synth rock.” I really like singer, Alex Caplow’s, voice. This song is amazing and has such a cool sound. I also like the music video, which was just released in February. The video is very surreal and artsy – matching the sound of the song perfectly. I definitely see big things ahead for this very talented, young band. Hope you enjoy the song.

Also – as a side note – I now want to go to Paris. Tell me that listening to this song doesn’t make you want to go as well!

SONG OF THE DAY – “YOU KNOW ME” by Air Traffic Controller

April 8, 2014


When I first started this blog, I was not sure I would be comfortable with talking about myself. I thought that I might just share a song and leave it at that. Did I really want people to get to know me if I didn’t know them? Did anyone really care what I had to say?

A good friend of mine, who is a social media guru and provided lots of consulting as I started on¬†this journey, told me that people had to get to know me. She said that those¬†who were already listening to my¬†“Song of the Day” listened because they had a relationship with me and trusted my opinions. If I wanted to share music with people I did not know, they needed to get to KNOW me; they needed to have a relationship with me. So, I have taken that to task.

You definitely know me because I share a piece of myself and my life every single time I post on this blog. As I discovered today, however, it has also been another avenue¬†for me to share my life with those I already call friends. This morning I received a phone call from a good friend who lives in another state and has been following¬†the tale of my son and his recent wrist injury through my blog. She called to tell me that she had been distantly keeping up to date on what was happening and that this morning she just wanted to to call to let me know that she was thinking about us and to check up on my son. Because I cannot personally talk to all my friends on a daily basis, this has been a nice substitute for sharing with those I don’t talk to often enough. Thanks for the phone call!

So, for those of you who already know me, I am happy to be sharing more of my life with you than I might otherwise and, for those of you who are just getting to know me, I look forward to sharing a piece of myself with you. I also look forward to getting to know you. I would love your comments and feedback on my posts if you feel the urge to respond. It would be my way to get to know you better.

So, that was the lead in to the song (clever, yes? haha) …

I really like this song from Boston-based band, Air Traffic Controller. The band was started by Dave Munro who started songwriting while he was serving as a real life Air Traffic Controller in the US Navy. From their website bio:

The band features Dave Munro on lead vocals and guitar; multi-instrumentalist Steve Scott on lead guitar, keys, and more; big brother Richie Munro on drums; Casey Sullivan on bass, banjo, and backing vocals; with violinist Alison Shipton and Kiara Perico on viola. The band often performs live accompanied on stage by an entire string section to capture and recreate its brilliant, full sound… one that consistently identifies¬†Air Traffic Controller¬†as one of the fastest rising original acts in the country. ¬†– See more at:

Air Traffic Controller does have a very unique sound and this tune is incredibly catchy. This song is from their most recent album, Nordo, and it is an enjoyable album from beginning to end. They are a band that has garnished much attention over the last year. They were on NPR’s Austin 100 List in 2013, as one of the top 100 bands that were worth getting to know at SXSW 2013. This song also won the best Indie/Alternative Rock song in the 12th Annual Independent Music Awards. Enjoy the music and thanks for getting to know me. ūüôā

SONG OF THE DAY – “COMING HOME” by Kaiser Chiefs

March 28, 2014



Okay, remember you were forewarned … here is another home song. ūüôā

This is a brand new song from the Kaiser Chiefs off their new album Education, Education & War. The album is expected to be released on March 31 in the UK/Europe and April 1 in North America. I really like this song – my favorite off the new album.

I became a Kaiser Chiefs fan while I was living in London. They are well loved in Britain and have a very distinctive British sound, which they are proud of and which makes their fans happy. Ricky Wilson is the lead singer and lyricist and he is a great frontman for the band.

This new album is their fifth studio album; their debut album Employment was released in 2005 to great success, both critically and commercially. They won three Brit Awards in 2006 for that album, including Best British Group, Best British Rock Act, and Best British Live Act. My very favorite song of theirs (and probably their most popular and well known) is “Ruby.” If you don’t know the song, you must take a listen here. A couple other songs that you might like, which have more of a post-punk revival sound, are “Never Miss A Beat” and “Everyday I Love You Less and Less.”

I have heard they are incredible live performers and I am hoping to get a chance to see them this year. They are coming on tour soon, so keep your eye out. I am excited to see the band come out with a new album, with a distinctly different sound. The album is certainly more political and deeper. On their website, Wilson says this of the album:

It is an album that takes the temperature of a nation seven years into a recession, people desperate for work, debt-ridden, suspicious of corporations, big business, government, and eager for signs of compassion, understanding, hope … “I’m not saying it’s political, it is about the feeling of futility‚Ķ about wondering ‘what is the point?’ Not in a way that means giving up, but in a way that raises a question I want to ask. I don’t think a band has a responsibility to say anything more than love songs, but if it’s in your mind more than love songs then stop writing love songs and start writing songs about what’s going on in your street.”


March 16, 2014



I am posting a song today that I really love. It is a new song and many of you may have already heard it play on the radio, as I know that it has been getting air time on stations since they released the single last month.

I think the music to the song is beautiful – smooth and understated – and truly captures the emotion they are reaching for, but the lyrics to this song are what really caught my attention. I am sure that all of us can point to some time in our life where this sentiment rang true. It honestly just makes me feel very emotional when I listen to it. It is one of those anthemic songs that I think most people will listen to and relate to … I can’t imagine the song won’t be a hit. I can just see a concert crowd singing along to this song.

O.A.R. (short for Of A Revolution) is planning to release a new album in May of this year – it will be their 8th studio album. They have had some major hit singles – think “Shattered (Turn the Car Around)” – over the years and are supposed to put on a fabulous live show. Speaking of live shows, they are planning to be on tour beginning in April. The band was formed in 1996 and, an interesting factoid that I learned about the group while reading about them is that all of the members attended The Ohio State University. They began as an independent college band and ended up being a successful headlining, chart topping group. Another great success story and another great new song for you to enjoy.