February 27, 2014


It’s Throwback Thursday! Today’s #tbt song was originally posted as my daughter’s Song of the Day on October 15, 2012!

I was first introduced to The Dunwells in the summer of 2012. I had listened to their music online and was then lucky enough to see them perform live at #AloftLife – the Live at Aloft Hotels Festival 2012 in Dallas in October 2012. I love this song – great lyrics and a great musical sound (I love the banjo!).
IMG_1501          IMG_1500
The Dunwells are incredibly fun to watch perform live. They have amazing 5-part harmonies and just a casual, relaxed stage presence. I enjoy the sound of their music which is folksy, rootsy, and rock-inspired. The instruments are just a beautiful accompaniment to their voices, and I love the lyrics of their songs. They have been compared to the likes of Mumford & Sons and Crosby, Stills & Nash. When I first heard The Dunwells, Crosby, Stills & Nash came to my mind, I am sure mostly because of those amazing harmonies. The Boot (, in an interview they conducted with them in January 2012, referred to their music as a “British spin on Americana music.”
The Dunwells are from Yorkshire, England and were formed in 2009. The band features two Dunwell brothers (Joseph & David Dunwell), one of their childhood friends (Jonny Lamb), Lamb’s cousin (Rob Clayton), and another local artist from their town (David Hanson). It is no wonder that their on-stage chemistry just screams comfortable. I hope that you enjoy this song and exploring this band’s music if you are not yet familiar with them. A couple other songs worth checking out from their 2012 released Blind Sighted Faith album include: “So Beautiful,” “Blind Sighted Faith,” “Elizabeth,” and “Follow the Road.”

SONG OF THE DAY – “BREAKABLE” by Ingrid Michaelson

February 25, 2014


Ingrid Michaelson, whose song I am sharing today, is one of my favorite female artists. I love her quirky, artsy style and she is just so incredibly talented – a songwriter, musician, and singer. She is from New York and grew up with artistic parents, starting her musical journey at the age of 4 when she began playing the piano. Much of her music has been featured on very popular television series, including this song which was featured on Grey’s Anatomy in the fall of 2007. The song is from the album, Girls and Boys, which she released independently in 2006 and then remastered and re-released in January 2007. At about that time, Ingrid was often referred to as one of the most promising independent artists in the country. She has a new album coming out in April called, Lights Out, which will be her sixth studio album. I am looking forward to hearing it! A few other favorites from a sampling of her albums, include: “Be OK,” “Maybe,” and “Do It Now” among others, but that is a good start.

I am going to share a story with you from earlier this month, which makes this song title such a perfect choice for the day.

Just over two weeks ago my husband slipped on our hardwood floor stairs in the garage and broke his back. He had just returned from a week of business travel and we were starting a “kid-less” weekend as my daughter had returned to college and my son was away in Florida for a golf tournament. We had big plans for the weekend! He zipped out of the house in his socks to take out the trash, hit that top stair, and just flew off the stairs. I was inside the house and heard a big thud outside. I opened the door to the garage and he was lying on the floor just looking dazed.

Okay, I have a confession to make. I have a horrible problem of laughing at inopportune times and often funny injuries just do it for me (a habit I share with my good friend in London – you know who you are 😉 ). So, needless to say, I started to giggle. Through my strained laughing voice, I said, “Did you just fall down the stairs?” I walked over, picked up the trash bag, and started to giggle again. He still just kept laying there motionless. Finally, he said, “I don’t think I can get up,” which of course caused me to burst out laughing. I know, I know … I am horrible, but when I realized he was being serious, the laughing stopped.

He has an incredible threshold for pain and he was in excruciating pain, so I knew it was serious. We went to the ER the next morning and the CT scan discovered that he had broken a bone in his back – a bone of which I had never even heard. He had broken his Left Transverse Process, the bone that comes out laterally from the spine and where all the muscles connect. The doctor told us (like he didn’t already know!) that it is an extremely painful break because of the amount of movement that area of the back controls and that there is little to be done to help it heal, other than time and bed rest. Haha … bed rest is not my husband’s strength.

So, fast forward … it has been 17 days since the fall and the break. He is doing much better and we are hoping that full recovery is on the way. He has not been very good about the “bed rest,” but he is moving so much better than he was a week ago, that things have to be improving. It was a good reminder that we are all breakable. Good health and mobility are about the greatest blessings we have and I know he will be thrilled to have his return. So, here’s to good health!

SONG OF THE DAY – “MY TIME” by Caveman

February 24, 2014


A quick note tonight. I just got home after a long travel day and I am finally sitting down to write and post a song. It was my time to come home, but what a shock that cold weather was to my system when I stepped off that plane. Yikes! 

Today’s song is from a band called Caveman. Caveman is a 5-member band that formed in 2010 and hails from Brooklyn, New York. This song is from their 2011 album, “Coco Beware,” but they just released their second album in 2013. Caveman produces a very unique sound and I really enjoy this song. Hope you like it too.

Sorry to keep it short, but I am exhausted. 🙂 Also, I need to prepare myself for the “Polar Vortex” that is arriving again on the east coast again this week. haha! Spring is coming, right?

SONG OF THE DAY – “HAPPY” by Pharrell Williams

February 22, 2013


Today I am posting what my son and I have deemed our “theme song” for our trip to Arizona. We have spent nearly every minute of our time outside in the fabulous sunshine and blue skies. It just makes us feel happy and so does this song! We have been “clapping along” and have probably been spotted looking like many of the people shown in this fantastic music video. 🙂

We may slowly be killing the song as we have listened to it so much over the last few days, but what else would you do with a theme song? This is a great song by Pharrell Williams, who I think is just one of the coolest dudes in the music industry. He has also got to be on the busiest guys in the industry – producer, fashion designer, songwriter, drummer, performer … what doesn’t he do?

This has been an especially big year for Pharrell. He was nominated for 7 Grammy Awards, including one for this song; in addition, this song was also nominated for an Academy Award for Best Original Song (from the movie Despicable Me). He also played a key role in one of 2013’s biggest hits and Grammy award-winning song – “Get Lucky” by Daft Punk. He is an amazingly talented guy. Something else about him that I think is amazing … Pharrell is 40 years old, but have you seen him? He looks like he is 25!


Additional Reading:,0,6981329.story#axzz2u6Uz3QrX


February 21, 2014



Well, today is my birthday so that explains the song choice for the day. 🙂

Yes, I am still that 40-something mom, but I am now 40-something plus one. My kids are lovely and both keep telling me that I look and act much younger than my age. haha! I keep saying that I am “OLD” and they keep telling me that I am not old! I must remember to thank them.

Seriously, I do not feel my age … well, some days I do, but I am fighting that. What is the alternative of not growing older? I will happily take another year. I actually enjoy growing older and gaining wisdom, appreciation, and perspective. Life is good and I am happy to have my 40 plus years of memories and experiences to reflect on and look forward to making many more.

This has always been one of my favorite songs. I love the lyrics and the message, and the music just makes me feel good – it has a melancholy and reflective feeling to it.

Growing up I was a huge Rod Stewart fan. I actually still love him – it is something to do with that voice and that hair, plus he is an amazing soccer (football) player. I saw him live in concert in 1996 when I lived in Phoenix and was 9 months pregnant with my first child. I could sing along with every word to every single song, unfortunately Rod could not. My husband and I went to the concert with my sister and her husband and about halfway through the concert he forgot the words to the song he was singing. He was singing “Hot Legs” – a classic! – and most of the audience just kept singing the words for him. It was hilarious, but a little pathetic. He disappeared from the stage for a minute and came back with a piece of paper and then pretended to act like he just wanted to be on his knees to sing, although we all knew he was really just looking at the lyrics on that paper. Hilarious! Anyway, that was a first and only for me in all my concert experiences, but it does make a great story.

Have a great day! I know that I will enjoy my birthday in the beautiful sunshine of Arizona – taking a trip back to one of my “homes” which also makes this song a perfect choice. 🙂

SONG OF THE DAY – “BALANCE” by Future Islands

February 18, 2014


Another snowy day here in the east coast! I am driving my daughter’s Mini Cooper and I can’t say that it is the best vehicle for slippery, windy, hilly roads.

Snow is beautiful, but I am feeling like I need a little balance between winter and sunshine! I am looking forward to getting to spend some time in sunny, warm Arizona with my son later this week. He can get his fill of golf rounds and I can get my fill of sunshine, hiking, and time with old friends. Returning to places I have lived before is always a wonderful experience. I have so many good friends from my time in Arizona and I can hardly wait to get to spend some time with them. It may be hard to leave again.

The song of the day today is a very catchy tune and I love the sound that Future Islands creates. I think you will enjoy listening to this synthpop sound today – I know that I am enjoying listening to it. The video also seems to catch where I am today … they are seeking the beach and I am seeking the sunshine. 🙂

Future Islands is a synthpop group currently based out of Baltimore, Maryland. The band started in 2006 while they were attending East Carolina University in Greenville, North Carolina. They have a very unique sound that makes for very easy listening. Future Islands have announced that they will be releasing a new album in March of this year, but this song is from their last album “On The Water,” which was released in late 2011.


February 16, 2014


I am posting a song today by another artist from England. Frank Turner is a singer-songwriter who attended Eton College. He got his start in punk rock, but when his band broke up in 2005, he started a solo career that was based on his love of acoustic and folk music. He is backed by his band called “The Sleeping Souls.”

According to an article in The Telegraph on February 13, 2014, he was described as a great live performer who has a sense of community among his fans. The article says:

“Turner is British music’s secret star. He’s a bearded, posh, 32-year-old former hardcore punk who has stealthily built up an incredibly loyal audience who respond to his directness, inclusiveness, sweaty commitment to performance and simple, uplifting songs. He’s not quite a British Bruce Springsteen, although there is something of the Boss’s charismatic commitment to the audience and the communal rituals of performance.”

I really like this song and hope you enjoy it. I think it is great song writing and I love the music and the lyrics.


February 14, 2014




This is the perfect song for the day and David Myles just makes some beautiful music here. I hope that you are able to spend time with the person you love today.

If you have forgotten your Valentine today, it is not too late! David Myles is doing something really sweet for Valentine’s Day and he will send this song to your Valentine for you. I would encourage you to take advantage of it and get yourself a copy of this fantastic song at the same time. Click on the link below to take you there.

Screen shot 2014-02-14 at 11.57.08 AM




February 13, 2014


It’s Throwback Thursday! Today’s #tbt is from my favorite artist of all time!

I absolutely love this song, but actually … I love every single song by Mat Kearney. He is amazing and I never grow tired of listening to his music. This seems like the perfect song for the day before Valentine’s Day.
I fell in love with Mat Kearney’s music back in 2006 after the first time I heard the song “Nothing Left to Lose.” His music just captures my soul. He is an incredible songwriter and the lyrics of his songs are beautiful – so full of depth and emotion, and he is great storyteller. It is hard to classify his music into just one category because he has successfully been able to combine so many types of music into his songs: rap, hip-hop, folk, rock, pop, and just some amazing guitar melodies. Can you tell I am a fan?!
I love Mat’s story and his path. He was born in Eugene, Oregon and attended California State University in Chico. It was during his time at California State University that he had a life changing experiencing. In his words from a article, he said:
“I guess I lived it up and did what everyone said you should do in college,” he recalls. “I discovered the depth of depravity, the bleakness of that lifestyle. It just wasn’t working. I finally started understanding there must be more to life.” … “God found me when I was at my lowest point. That was the first time in my life when I really felt like I understood who Jesus was—it was more than just knowing about Him, I felt like He met me in that time and place.”
After that experience, Mat moved to Nashville, TN (where he still resides), and that is where his musical career took off. We actually made a visit to Hillsboro Village (an area near Vanderbilt University) in Nashville, TN this last summer on our road trip across the country while moving from Dallas to the east coast. I figured we were right there and, since he reportedly lives there, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to take a photo. My kids were mortified! 🙂
I have seen Mat Kearney live on four different occasions and I would see him every month if I could. He has a very strong fan base, but I am amazed at how many people are still unfamiliar with him and his music. Every time I introduce someone to his music, they become a fan. If you are not familiar with him, listen to this song (and watch the great video!) and then go listen to ALL his music. I promise you won’t be disappointed. You also have to love his signature hats. 🙂
 IMG_1408       IMG_0483