February 21, 2014



Well, today is my birthday so that explains the song choice for the day. 🙂

Yes, I am still that 40-something mom, but I am now 40-something plus one. My kids are lovely and both keep telling me that I look and act much younger than my age. haha! I keep saying that I am “OLD” and they keep telling me that I am not old! I must remember to thank them.

Seriously, I do not feel my age … well, some days I do, but I am fighting that. What is the alternative of not growing older? I will happily take another year. I actually enjoy growing older and gaining wisdom, appreciation, and perspective. Life is good and I am happy to have my 40 plus years of memories and experiences to reflect on and look forward to making many more.

This has always been one of my favorite songs. I love the lyrics and the message, and the music just makes me feel good – it has a melancholy and reflective feeling to it.

Growing up I was a huge Rod Stewart fan. I actually still love him – it is something to do with that voice and that hair, plus he is an amazing soccer (football) player. I saw him live in concert in 1996 when I lived in Phoenix and was 9 months pregnant with my first child. I could sing along with every word to every single song, unfortunately Rod could not. My husband and I went to the concert with my sister and her husband and about halfway through the concert he forgot the words to the song he was singing. He was singing “Hot Legs” – a classic! – and most of the audience just kept singing the words for him. It was hilarious, but a little pathetic. He disappeared from the stage for a minute and came back with a piece of paper and then pretended to act like he just wanted to be on his knees to sing, although we all knew he was really just looking at the lyrics on that paper. Hilarious! Anyway, that was a first and only for me in all my concert experiences, but it does make a great story.

Have a great day! I know that I will enjoy my birthday in the beautiful sunshine of Arizona – taking a trip back to one of my “homes” which also makes this song a perfect choice. 🙂


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