SONG OF THE DAY – “COMING HOME” by Kaiser Chiefs

March 28, 2014



Okay, remember you were forewarned … here is another home song. 🙂

This is a brand new song from the Kaiser Chiefs off their new album Education, Education & War. The album is expected to be released on March 31 in the UK/Europe and April 1 in North America. I really like this song – my favorite off the new album.

I became a Kaiser Chiefs fan while I was living in London. They are well loved in Britain and have a very distinctive British sound, which they are proud of and which makes their fans happy. Ricky Wilson is the lead singer and lyricist and he is a great frontman for the band.

This new album is their fifth studio album; their debut album Employment was released in 2005 to great success, both critically and commercially. They won three Brit Awards in 2006 for that album, including Best British Group, Best British Rock Act, and Best British Live Act. My very favorite song of theirs (and probably their most popular and well known) is “Ruby.” If you don’t know the song, you must take a listen here. A couple other songs that you might like, which have more of a post-punk revival sound, are “Never Miss A Beat” and “Everyday I Love You Less and Less.”

I have heard they are incredible live performers and I am hoping to get a chance to see them this year. They are coming on tour soon, so keep your eye out. I am excited to see the band come out with a new album, with a distinctly different sound. The album is certainly more political and deeper. On their website, Wilson says this of the album:

It is an album that takes the temperature of a nation seven years into a recession, people desperate for work, debt-ridden, suspicious of corporations, big business, government, and eager for signs of compassion, understanding, hope … “I’m not saying it’s political, it is about the feeling of futility… about wondering ‘what is the point?’ Not in a way that means giving up, but in a way that raises a question I want to ask. I don’t think a band has a responsibility to say anything more than love songs, but if it’s in your mind more than love songs then stop writing love songs and start writing songs about what’s going on in your street.”


2 thoughts on “SONG OF THE DAY – “COMING HOME” by Kaiser Chiefs

  1. Hi there – I saw the Kaiser Chiefs at Scala on Feb 13th, at Newmarket race course last August, and supporting Green Day at The Emirates Stadium last June – three very different venues, but all fantastic live performances. Ricky Wilson is an outstanding front man. I’ll be doing an album review on my blog soon. X

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