December 19, 2013


Today’s song was an easy selection. It goes along with a story.

First, this is a fantastic song, but particularly moving when you listen to it while watching the video. You must watch the video! Yes, OneDirection is a “boy band” but they are truly incredibly talented singers and watching them perform a song like this just solidifies that. Obviously, unless you live under a rock, you know One Direction. It almost makes me laugh out loud when I see that this video has over 85 million views!

But, about living under that rock …

Last night when everyone was home, we were sitting around talking and my husband says to us, “Oh, I meant to tell you … (I’m thinking this is just a minor story) I flew with One Direction to London last Sunday.” What?!

He was on a 747 airplane from New York to London last Sunday and was in the business class section on the upper level, which is like sitting in a small room. In that section was the entire One Direction team … and my husband. Don’t know how he ended up there with them, but he told us he was the only one up there without a One Direction backpack. haha

Interestingly, my daughter and I had just listened to this song because she wanted me to watch the video – which made me cry btw. We talked about who our favorite band member was and we both agreed that it was Harry. So, the story gets even better … or worse depending upon how you look at it. My husband then proceeds to tell us that he sat right next to – who else?  – Harry! My daughter’s mouth dropped right open and she said “YOU DID NOT!”

We asked him if he took pictures. The answer – no. We asked him why he was just getting around to telling us about it more than a week later?! His answer – I didn’t think you guys liked them. My daughter’s response, “DAD, I’M A TEENAGE GIRL!” He has yet to live this down because we really believe he just didn’t know how big they truly are and how huge it would have been for him to get a selfie with Harry and the rest of the band to send to his daughter and all her friends.

In his defense, he said that he just really enjoyed watching them and did not even think about taking a photo. He said they were hilarious. They all were very talkative and having a good time. He said that they just seemed so down to earth, fun, and respectful. I think maybe he was expecting them to be cocky, conceited or disrespectful which, according to him, they definitely are NOT. He said they were all dressed in their sweat pants and converse for the long flight. And, back to Harry, my husband said he is just a goofball. He thought he was a character and definitely carefree. He said, “You should have seen his hair! He had it in a rubber band with a pony tail on top of his head!”

Needless to say, my husband sat next to some of the most famous young men in the world right now and didn’t realize it. But, he is now a fan … maybe not of their music, but certainly of the young men themselves. And, as for waiting a week to tell his family and no photos, he may never live that down.

This is a really great song. Enjoy.


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