December 17, 2013


James Blunt has an incredibly unique voice. I fell in love with his song, “You’re Beautiful,” back in 2005, but I think the song “1973” really sealed my appreciation for him. I think he is very unique and really has such a different sound than anyone else out there. His lyrics are very meaningful and his voice just bleeds emotion … a memorable combination.

James Blunt is an English singer/songwriter and, more interestingly, was a former army captain. This song is from his fourth album, “Moon Landing” which was released to critical acclaim and impressive sales. “Heart to Heart” is probably my favorite song off the album, although “Bonfire Heart” was his first single. Throughout his career he has received mixed reviews and I personally don’t think I could listen solidly to his music, but the songs of his that I do enjoy, I really love … and I love this one! Hope you like it too.


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