SONG OF THE DAY – “I’M SHAKIN” by Jack White

December 7, 2013


Last night we stayed up to watch the Grammy Nomination show. I always try to guess who I think is going to be nominated for certain categories and then I am always excited to explore some of the new music that I discover during the nominations.

I wanted to share one of the songs that has been nominated as best music video. Although I knew the song before, I had never watched the video and it is really cool. Also, it is a totally unique song which I just find sweet. Reminds me of a lot of different genres combined together and makes for some great dancing. A little soul, a little blues, a little rock, just a great combo.

If you are not familiar with Jack White as a solo artist, you may be familiar with the large number of groups in which he has been involved. He formed (along with his first wife) the group The White Stripes, then became a founding member of the rock group The Raconteurs, and then became a founding member of the group The Dead Weather. Along the way, he also collaborated with a host of other great musicians, produced some albums, and did a little acting. He is on Rolling Stone’s list of “100 Greatest Guitarists,” he sings, and he is a drummer. Needless to say, it would be hard to say that he is wasting time … or his talents.

Make sure to watch the video for this one – great dancing, a little Robert Palmer feel, and just plain cool (can’t even think of a better word). Would love to hear what you think about this one.


6 thoughts on “SONG OF THE DAY – “I’M SHAKIN” by Jack White

  1. Erik and Luke just gave it a nod the first time they heard it, but Noah was all in like I was. He loved the video and broke down the shot sequence for me. 🙂 But while he and I were listening to it on repeat, Luke walked in an said, “OK, that’s a GREAT song.” I have a feeling it will be my earworm of the week!

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