November 18, 2013



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It is supposed to get to 66 degrees today! We got snow and freezing temperatures last week, but today is absolutely beautiful – sunshine and warm temperatures. I can’t wait to get outside and down to the beach for a run!

I am posting an old favorite, but by an artist who is on fire right now. He is one of the performers featured on VH1’s You Ought to Know Concert which will be broadcast this Thursday and he is just winding up a tour for mostly sold out crowds across the country.

My daughter and I saw him live just this summer at an outdoor concert and it was probably one of the most entertaining shows I have ever seen. I think you would have to describe his show as part musical concert, part comedy show. I would definitely put him on your must see live list.

Matt Nathanson is an incredibly talented musician AND he is hilarious! He is chatty! It made me feel like I was just standing around in the backyard listening to a friend tell some funny stories and then … he started to sing. He is dang good! We had to brave an incredibly heavy rainstorm to see him perform, but I would not have missed it and I can tell you not a single soul left when the rain started coming down in buckets – and he kept entertaining us. My daughter and I were also totally giggling about the way he moves those hips when he dances. 🙂

His most recent album, Last of the Great Pretenders has been his best album debut so far and I have really enjoyed it. My favorites off that album include “Mission Bells,” “Sky High Honey,” “Kinks Shirt,” and “Annie’s Always Waiting.” He released his first album in 1993, but I have to say it was his album Some Mad Hope in 2007 that drew me in as a full-fledged fan. The Song of the Day is from that album. I have posted an acoustic video of the song and the full recorded version on iTunes, so you should check out both.
Matt Nathanson in Concert – Summer 2013.



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