November 17, 2013


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It is another emotional song for me today. Okay, are we starting to see a trend? 😉

I have to admit that music does something to me. It reaches me on an emotional level unlike anything else. It can make me happy, sad, pumped-up, melancholy…really every emotion in the deck. This song just makes me “feel all the feels” as my daughter’s roommate would say.

I met my husband when he was 15 years old and I was 16. I think he liked me because I could drive and had a cool car. (Just to clarify “cool,” I drove a Volkswagen Thing. It was awesome and I was the only kid I knew with one.) Yes, I married my high school sweetheart; it was nearly 8 years later and we have known each other almost twice as long as we didn’t know each other.

This song just makes me think of him and us. Growing old is an interesting thing. I try to remember what I thought of my parents when I looked at them as a 16-year old. I know how I feel now when I see an elderly couple holding hands – I think it is beautiful!

As weird as it seems, there is something just utterly romantic about growing old with someone – loving them even more than you thought was possible, looking at them and still seeing that beautiful young thing you once saw, and yet having a bond that only comes with time – trials, joys, and change. The song says, “Grow old with me, let us share what we see, and all the best it could be … just you and I.” Guess I am giving a shout out to my husband today. It is the best. I love growing old with him. ❤

As for the song itself … Tom Odell is just 22 years old and won the BRIT Critic’s Choice Award earlier this year. If you are not familiar with the BRIT Awards and Critic’s Choice, let me just summarize by saying it is an award that recognizes a promising newcomer. Past winners have included Adele, Florence & The Machine, Ellie Goulding, and Emeli Sande to name just a few. I certainly think that Tom Odell is a promising newcomer.

Tom Odell is a singer/songwriter and an amazing piano player who just stirs emotion with his music. He has had some polarizing reviews in the British press, but I think he is brilliant. He just released his debut album and I definitely think he is one to watch. His career got a huge boost with the recent award, but I believe he is only getting started with what he can and will produce. I think he has nowhere to go but up and I can’t wait to see him live – I have heard that is where he is truly remarkable.

High School Prom
OLD – “when our hair ain’t so blonde.”

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