Song of the Day – “22” by Taylor Swift

February 4, 2018

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my beautiful and amazing daughter!

I remember this day – 22 years ago – like it was yesterday. Cassidy made me a mom and the moment she was put in my arms … I fell instantly in love! Hard to believe that was 22 years ago today! Happy Birthday to my sunshine girl. Double 2s today!! I love you to the moon and back! ❤

Hey, I don’t know about you … 🙂

Song of the Day – “Future Looks Good” by OneRepublic

October 27, 2017


HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my little sister!

Today I want to celebrate my little sister on her birthday. On birthdays, I like to look forward to the year ahead while celebrating the year that just passed. That is why I chose this song today for her birthday and as my wish for her to have joy in the upcoming year. It has been a crazy and challenging year, but I know that the future looks good. 🙂

Having sisters is a gift and I was blessed with 3 of them! I am the third of four girls, and my little sister was a distant fourth … almost 5 years younger than me. For her birthday today, I have to share (probably to her horror!) one of my favorite music memories of her.

Back in the day, my little sister loved Madonna and Michael Jackson. She loved the song “Beat It” SO much that she recorded it on a cassette tape over and over again. I did not know this until we got into the car for a family road trip. As we sat in the back of the van, on this fabulous bed that my dad had built, she blasted on the boom box “Beat It” over and over and over again. I can tell you that I wanted to BEAT her. I am not sure that I ever really liked that song again after that trip. To be honest, I am not sure she did either. 😉

As for today’s song, OneRepublic is probably one of my very favorite bands. I don’t think there is anyone quite as cool or talented as Ryan Tedder, and there is not a song that I don’t like. This song is from their 2016 album, Oh My My.  I have been lucky enough to see OneRepublic in concert several times and they never disappoint. They are truly even better live than recorded.

 Cheers to you, Danni! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Fall Fest at Beacon Theatre, NYC – Oct 2016 and Today Citi Concert Series, NYC – May 2017

SONG OF THE DAY – “YOU’RE THE ONE” by Tyrone Wells

May 16, 2014



Happy Birthday to my husband today!

I just wanted him to know that I am thinking of him today. He is, of course, traveling on his birthday so it is hard to celebrate with him – so I am shouting out a birthday wish on this post. He had a 4am pickup this morning, which was a special birthday treat. Haha! I guess birthday celebrations are less exciting as we get older.

I have known my husband since he was just turning 15 years old and now he is turning … well, maybe we shouldn’t go there. Let’s just suffice it to say that was a LOOONG time ago! (Haha! Just kidding babe, you’re not that old. Well, actually … at least you are younger than me.) This is a fabulous song and just totally makes me think of him when I hear it. Happy Birthday to my One!

This song is by Tyrone Wells, one of my very favorite singer-songwriters. It is always hard to pick a single song to share by some artists when you like all of their music. I had the pleasure of seeing Tyrone in concert on Wednesday night in NYC at City Winery. What an incredible venue and just an amazing performance! I think you can totally tell a real talent when it is just an artist up on stage with his guitar singing. This tour was called “Closer Than Ever” and he made a point to return to his beginnings by performing at small, intimate venues across the country. It was just an incredible evening!

Tyrone Wells 3

Tyrone Wells is an amazing storyteller. He tells beautiful stories in his music and he was a great story teller on stage – he was at times hilarious, thoughtful, and poignant. He shared many stories and made a real connection with his audience. His show was sold out on Wednesday night and it sounds like that has been the case around the country. I would definitely see him again and would strongly recommend that if you get a chance to see him, you should take it. I believe there are only four more shows left on this particular tour in the next few days, but if you live in Phoenix, Denver, Minneapolis, or Chicago, you are in luck!

I love this song I am posting today, but you should definitely check out all of his music. A couple favorites that you might enjoy:  “Running Around in My Dreams” (one of my all time favorite songs), “Sink or Swim,” and “Time Of Our Lives” (the perfect graduation song).


February 21, 2014



Well, today is my birthday so that explains the song choice for the day. 🙂

Yes, I am still that 40-something mom, but I am now 40-something plus one. My kids are lovely and both keep telling me that I look and act much younger than my age. haha! I keep saying that I am “OLD” and they keep telling me that I am not old! I must remember to thank them.

Seriously, I do not feel my age … well, some days I do, but I am fighting that. What is the alternative of not growing older? I will happily take another year. I actually enjoy growing older and gaining wisdom, appreciation, and perspective. Life is good and I am happy to have my 40 plus years of memories and experiences to reflect on and look forward to making many more.

This has always been one of my favorite songs. I love the lyrics and the message, and the music just makes me feel good – it has a melancholy and reflective feeling to it.

Growing up I was a huge Rod Stewart fan. I actually still love him – it is something to do with that voice and that hair, plus he is an amazing soccer (football) player. I saw him live in concert in 1996 when I lived in Phoenix and was 9 months pregnant with my first child. I could sing along with every word to every single song, unfortunately Rod could not. My husband and I went to the concert with my sister and her husband and about halfway through the concert he forgot the words to the song he was singing. He was singing “Hot Legs” – a classic! – and most of the audience just kept singing the words for him. It was hilarious, but a little pathetic. He disappeared from the stage for a minute and came back with a piece of paper and then pretended to act like he just wanted to be on his knees to sing, although we all knew he was really just looking at the lyrics on that paper. Hilarious! Anyway, that was a first and only for me in all my concert experiences, but it does make a great story.

Have a great day! I know that I will enjoy my birthday in the beautiful sunshine of Arizona – taking a trip back to one of my “homes” which also makes this song a perfect choice. 🙂