January 3, 2014



Well, Happy New Year!

I took a couple of days off and can’t believe it is now January 3, 2014! I was writing a check yesterday and I dated it 2012. What?! I guess I decided to go back a year rather than forward. But, now it is time to start thinking about 2014 and I am ready to “skip to the good bit.”

I am feeling really good about 2014 and I am excited about the way I am starting. I just finished packing for a big trip with my daughter to Guatemala to work with Habitat For Humanity. I had to get 4 shots and am loaded with all sorts of medication and mosquito repellant to keep us healthy. When my daughter went to her doctor at the health center at her college, the nurse there told her “this is the best winter session experience I have heard of yet …. a service trip with your mom.” I am feeling like this is an incredible opportunity for the two of us and one that will really start my year out on the right foot – with perspective and a thankful heart.

Okay, enough for the serious talk … now for today’s song. Rizzle Kicks is a music duo from Brighton, England made up of two childhood friends. I saw them live when they accompanied Ed Sheeran in concert two years ago. They are cute, energetic, fun-loving performers and their laid back raps are entertaining and certainly easy to listen to (think non-confrontational). “Skip To the Good Bit” is a catchy, upbeat song and makes me want to get up and move. Two other songs that I really enjoy are “Mama Do The Hump” and “When I Was A Youngster.”

Gotta run … still plenty to do before 4:00 a.m. tomorrow morning when we leave.


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