SONG OF THE DAY – “READY OR NOT” by Bridgit Mendler

January 4, 2014


Well, today is the day … my daughter and I are flying out to Guatemala to work on building homes with Habitat for Humanity’s Global Village program. I am both excited and nervous about this opportunity. It is such a great way to start the year – serving others, especially with my daughter.

It has been a funny experience getting ready for this trip. A month ago I was super excited and pretty nonchalant about preparations. As the trip has gotten closer, a little anxiety has crept in. I am not quite sure what to expect and the anticipation of the unknown makes me slightly nervous. Also, every letter that we have received from our Team Leader over the last few weeks has been reminding us about being “flexibile.” They have been emphasizing that nothing goes exactly as planned during a home build and particularly in a developing country where they may not have all the conveniences that we are used to. My kids always joke with me that I am OCD and a little bit of an “over planner,” so I am gearing myself up for “flexible Diane.” haha

So, ready or not …. Guatemala here we come!

This song is by Bridgit Mendler, best known as a Disney Channel star. She released her debut solo album in 2012 and this song is very catchy and I thought it fit the day.


2 thoughts on “SONG OF THE DAY – “READY OR NOT” by Bridgit Mendler

  1. I probably wouldn’t have listened had it of not been for your blog as I would have thought “oh ANOTHER Disney star”! However, great pick for this post! She reminds me of Natasha Bedingfield.

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