SONG OF THE DAY – “THRIFT SHOP” by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, featuring WANZ

December 31, 2013


Happy New Year!

It is 10:00 p.m. where I am sitting, so just a couple more hours left of 2013. I can’t believe how quickly the year passed. So many exciting things happened this year! It will be a year full of many memories for me, but I am looking forward to creating new ones in 2014.

It was difficult to pick just one song today from so many favorites, but this song was probably the most memorable song of the year. I am certain it is not new to most of you, but can you seriously think of 2013 without thinking of Thrift Shop? Macklemore & Ryan Lewis were a phenomenon in 2013!

For the last few days I have been posting songs by some of my favorite new musical finds of 2013. To finish that up – on this last night of the year – I wanted to post a list of my favorite “new to me” bands and artists of 2013.  Drum roll, please ….  Here is my list:

I enjoyed so much good music over the year from a multitude of artists, but I discovered all of these artists in 2013 and they instantly became favorites and people that I will be keeping my eye on. I hope that you were able to discover and enjoy great music this year as well, and I am looking forward to sharing the musical journey with you in 2014.

And as I mentioned a couple days ago, my favorite album of the year was “Native” by OneRepublic.

 Music brings me joy and I am looking forward to a joyful year full of love, friendship, adventure, and … of course … MUSIC!


December 30, 2013


As one of the last days of 2013, I am giving you another favorite new to me artist of the year.

I was so excited when I discovered Serena Ryder this year. I absolutely adore her music! She has such a cool voice and her music just sparks emotion in me. Serena is not a new artist as her debut album was released in Canada in 2004, but I just found her this year.

I highlighted one of her songs, “Stompa” in a post earlier this year. This song is another one off that album – “Harmony.” Her 2008 album – “Is It O.K.” – has also got a number of great songs. Other songs that you may want to check out if you like this one and Stompa are “Mary Go Round” and “All For Love.”

Just one more day of 2013! I am amazed at how quickly this year flew. I have been thinking about New Year’s resolutions and goals. I love the idea of a new start. My daughter and I will be heading to Guatemala to build a house with Habitat for Humanity on Saturday morning (more to come on that). That is a goal for the new year – make a difference in the world around me. So, until tomorrow …

SONG OF THE DAY – “WORTH WONDERING” by Bronze Radio Return

December 29, 2013



It is hard to believe that we are almost at the end of 2013! The year went by so quickly! It was a big year for me with a move from Dallas, Texas to the east coast. Lots of changes, adjustments, and new experiences. I am looking forward to 2014 and feeling settled and stable in our new home and location.

Today I am posting another song by one of my favorite new finds of 2013 – Bronze Radio Return. Again, this is not a new band, but the band was new to me this year and I fell in love with their music. Their album, “Up On and Over” was released in June of this year and had a number of great songs, but today’s song is actually from their 2009 album, “Old Time Speaker.”

Bronze Radio Return has a very unique sound and they also have a great variety of music – there are plenty of good fast songs that I enjoy working out to, and plenty of emotionally driven songs as well. This song falls in the latter category. I really enjoy their sound and definitely consider them one of my favorite new finds of 2013.

They were formed in 2008 in Hartford Connecticut by Chris Henderson (singer/songwriter and guitarist) in Hartford, Connecticut in 2008. Their music has been featured on many television shows and commercials. Luckily for me, they are touring next year and I am looking forward to seeing them here in NYC in January.

Some of my other favorite songs by them include “Shake, Shake, Shake” and “Further On.”

Looks like Times Square is out for New Year’s Eve. Can’t seem to convince my husband that the crowds would be manageable. 😉 Now to come up with an alternate plan.



December 28, 2013


Sticking with the theme of winding up the year, I decided to post a song by one of my favorite new finds of the year. Wakey!Wakey! was a new find for me this year. The band is not new, but new to me.

This song is from the short named (haha!) album, “Almost Everything I Wish I’d Said The Last Time I Saw You …” which was released in 2010. I can’t believe it took me so long to find them. I think Michael Grubbs (band frontman)  is an incredible pianist and songwriter. The two other songs from the album that I really enjoy are “Almost Everything” and “Light Outside.”

New York is home for Wakey!Wakey! and they will be kicking off their 2014 tour at Bowery Ballroom in New York City on February 28. I am hoping to get to see them live at that show.

So the big debate … do we venture into the city for New Year’s Eve this year? Our first year near NYC and it is a temptation for me, but for my husband … it sounds like his worst nightmare. Times Square in NYC would be quite a chaotic scene. We did Central London and Trafalgar Square for New Year’s Eve a few years ago when we lived there and it was a massive crowd – so I am debating the chaos which would be Times Square. A few days to decide …

SONG OF THE DAY – “I LIVED” by OneRepublic

December 27, 2013

Download_on_iTunes_Badge_US-UK_110x40_1004 Song Download

Download_on_iTunes_Badge_US-UK_110x40_1004 Album Download

With the end of the year quickly approaching, I wanted to take time to devote a post to naming my favorite album of the year. There was a tremendous amount of great music released this year, but my favorite album of the year by far is “Native” by OneRepublic.

I honestly love every single song on this album! It is an album that I can listen to at any time … it fits every mood.  I have been a huge fan of OneRepublic from their beginning and I believe Ryan Tedder to be one of the most talented people in the music industry today. His songwriting skills are incredible and I love his voice. On top of all that, he is one of the most energetic entertainers that I have ever seen live in concert. He just loves what he does!

Typically I buy individual songs off of iTunes and do not often purchase an entire album all at once, but with this album my son went onto iTunes on the day the album was released and purchased the whole thing in one fell swoop. We have been listening to it ever since, and it was definitely our summer road trip album. It was incredibly difficult for me to pick just one song for the day as I love all of the songs on this album (so I gave you the link for the entire album as well!); however, the song “I Lived” just captivated me from the moment I heard it. It is an amazing song. I have already told my kids that it is the song I want played at my funeral. They are thrilled to already have that information. haha!

So that is my favorite for 2013 and the most exciting news for 2014 … OneRepublic and The Script are touring together! They are truly two of my all time favorite bands and they will be in concert together. I can hardly wait! As an added bonus, the entire family counts the two bands among their favorites as well!

OneRepublic in concert at the Superbowl - February 2013.
OneRepublic in concert at the Superbowl – February 2013.
The amazing Ryan Tedder!
The amazing Ryan Tedder!
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December 26, 2013



Throwback Thursday – Originally posted as my daughter’s Song of the Day on 11/13/2012.

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I took a few days off to enjoy the holidays. We just tried to stay away from computers altogether, so now that Christmas is over I wanted to get back to the music! I almost forgot that it was Thursday today, but I am glad that I remembered so that I could share an older song that I truly love.

This is a song by Death Cab for Cutie and it just makes me happy. I love the song and I love the video!

This song is from the album, “Codes and Keys” that was released in May of 2011. Death Cab for Cutie is one of those bands that started as a small Indie band and then successfully crossed over into mainstream appeal and success. They are probably one of the best-known and highly praised long-term Indie rock bands and have released seven albums and received several Grammy nominations. Ben Gibbard is an amazing song-writer and has a great voice to accompany his fantastic songs.

Enjoy the last few days of 2013. I plan to do lots of dancing this week as I prepare for another new year.

SONG OF THE DAY – “DECEMBER” by Sara Bareilles

December 22, 2013



A melancholy song today. Christmas is just a few days away and the end of the year is approaching quickly. For some reason I feel a little melancholy myself today. I think it is just December. Maybe that is why this song kept coming to mind today.

Anyway, I really love this song and I think Sara Bareilles is amazing. She is one of my favorites. My daughter and I saw her live in concert in Dallas a few years ago and it was an incredible show. From the minute she sat down at the piano it was just enchanting. She began playing and then belted out those lyrics in that incredible voice and the entire crowd was drawn in to her magic.

She has been nominated for a Grammy for Album of the Year for her new album, “The Blessed Unrest” which was released in July of this year. Another of my favorite songs – “Brave” – is on that album.


SONG OF THE DAY – “COOL KIDS” by Echosmith

December 21, 2013



I can’t believe that it is the weekend before Christmas! This month has just flown by so quickly. Today we spent a fabulous festive day in NYC. I love the city and it certainly does not disappoint at this time of the year. The Christmas decorations are wonderful and the city is just full of excitement. The only bummer … the crowds were unbelievable! I guess that everyone loves the city at Christmastime. 🙂

Today’s Song of the Day was introduced to me by my son. He told me that he had a song that he knew I would love, and he was right. The song is about two kids who don’t really fit in and think they want to be like the “cool kids.” It is a great song! I love the lyrics. You can totally tell that this band is made up of young kids who can relate to the story because they just nail it. I also just really enjoy their sound – it is very fresh and yet reminds me of the 80s music I grew up on. I have been playing this song on repeat a lot the last two weeks and can’t get it out of my head, so I decided it was time to share.

Echosmith is a band that was formed in Los Angeles, California with four siblings – 3 brothers and 1 sister (all under the age of 21!). The band released their first album, “Talking Dreams” in October of this year.  Earlier in the year they were named one of the “100 Bands You Need To Know” by Alternative Press. I think there will be much more to come from Echosmith.


December 19, 2013


Today’s song was an easy selection. It goes along with a story.

First, this is a fantastic song, but particularly moving when you listen to it while watching the video. You must watch the video! Yes, OneDirection is a “boy band” but they are truly incredibly talented singers and watching them perform a song like this just solidifies that. Obviously, unless you live under a rock, you know One Direction. It almost makes me laugh out loud when I see that this video has over 85 million views!

But, about living under that rock …

Last night when everyone was home, we were sitting around talking and my husband says to us, “Oh, I meant to tell you … (I’m thinking this is just a minor story) I flew with One Direction to London last Sunday.” What?!

He was on a 747 airplane from New York to London last Sunday and was in the business class section on the upper level, which is like sitting in a small room. In that section was the entire One Direction team … and my husband. Don’t know how he ended up there with them, but he told us he was the only one up there without a One Direction backpack. haha

Interestingly, my daughter and I had just listened to this song because she wanted me to watch the video – which made me cry btw. We talked about who our favorite band member was and we both agreed that it was Harry. So, the story gets even better … or worse depending upon how you look at it. My husband then proceeds to tell us that he sat right next to – who else?  – Harry! My daughter’s mouth dropped right open and she said “YOU DID NOT!”

We asked him if he took pictures. The answer – no. We asked him why he was just getting around to telling us about it more than a week later?! His answer – I didn’t think you guys liked them. My daughter’s response, “DAD, I’M A TEENAGE GIRL!” He has yet to live this down because we really believe he just didn’t know how big they truly are and how huge it would have been for him to get a selfie with Harry and the rest of the band to send to his daughter and all her friends.

In his defense, he said that he just really enjoyed watching them and did not even think about taking a photo. He said they were hilarious. They all were very talkative and having a good time. He said that they just seemed so down to earth, fun, and respectful. I think maybe he was expecting them to be cocky, conceited or disrespectful which, according to him, they definitely are NOT. He said they were all dressed in their sweat pants and converse for the long flight. And, back to Harry, my husband said he is just a goofball. He thought he was a character and definitely carefree. He said, “You should have seen his hair! He had it in a rubber band with a pony tail on top of his head!”

Needless to say, my husband sat next to some of the most famous young men in the world right now and didn’t realize it. But, he is now a fan … maybe not of their music, but certainly of the young men themselves. And, as for waiting a week to tell his family and no photos, he may never live that down.

This is a really great song. Enjoy.


December 17, 2013


James Blunt has an incredibly unique voice. I fell in love with his song, “You’re Beautiful,” back in 2005, but I think the song “1973” really sealed my appreciation for him. I think he is very unique and really has such a different sound than anyone else out there. His lyrics are very meaningful and his voice just bleeds emotion … a memorable combination.

James Blunt is an English singer/songwriter and, more interestingly, was a former army captain. This song is from his fourth album, “Moon Landing” which was released to critical acclaim and impressive sales. “Heart to Heart” is probably my favorite song off the album, although “Bonfire Heart” was his first single. Throughout his career he has received mixed reviews and I personally don’t think I could listen solidly to his music, but the songs of his that I do enjoy, I really love … and I love this one! Hope you like it too.