November 15, 2013


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Do you ever realize that nothing stays the same no matter how much you want it to? Now this is certainly clear in my life with the amount of moving we have done, but I think it is true in everyone’s life. We grow older, our children grow up, the seasons change, the world around us transforms … literally, nothing stays the same. That’s life.

However, I had a “stay the same moment” last night. I received a text from a good friend of mine back in Dallas. She was just  sitting down with a glass of wine to catch up with a friend. Her method of catching up … sitting down at the computer to read my blog and listen to some music. We actually texted back and forth as she worked her way through the songs. From miles away, we were still able to connect. In that moment, things were the same.

Today’s song is by Luke Sital-Singh, an up-and-coming British singer-songwriter from the suburbs of London. I just discovered his music this week and I think it is an amazing new discovery. He has great accoustic ballads and a passionate, soulful voice. There is something about him that seems innocent, sensitive, and impassioned all at the same time. This song has it all – the music, lyrics, and voice – that just completely drew me in. There is  a buzz about him in the UK and the British folk scene and he has been receiving some great reviews. I definitely think he is one to watch and I hope that you enjoy this song as much as I do.


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