May 10, 2014


It is Mother’s Day weekend and I have decided to post one of my favorite “mother” songs today. I am sure many of you are already very familiar with this song by CHVRCHES, but I would put this song way up on my list of favorites and just think it is perfect for Mother’s Day weekend. CHVRCHES, a trio from Glasgow, Scotland, made a huge splash into the music scene in 2012 (which is when I first heard them) and they have never turned back.  CHVRCHES has an amazing and unique sound and they are just interesting people to top it off. If you don’t yet know this song, I am certain you will like it; if you do already know it, I hope you will enjoy listening to it again on this Mother’s Day weekend.

On Mother’s Day we get the special opportunity of celebrating mothers, but today I want to take the opportunity to celebrate being a mother. I love being a mom … it has been one of the greatest gifts of my life. From the moment I held my new little babies, I just fell in love. I feel incredibly blessed to have the privilege of being their mom.

I honestly don’t believe that there is any other experience in the world that could bring more joy, more pain, more frustration, more excitement, more worry, more pride, and all at the same time help me understand love in a way that I never knew was possible. I have to say, that there is nothing more beautiful than having your child give you a hug and tell you that they love you. Luckily, I have two very affectionate children who make certain that they hug me freely and tell me those words often. I find that when they are away from home, there is a huge void and so I am very lucky this weekend to have both children home. It makes me so happy that my daughter made a point of coming home the weekend before finals to celebrate Mother’s Day with me.

I have loved every minute of being a mother. First, there was the remarkable baby stage where I could just sit for hours holding them and watching them sleep. That was the best. But, then there was the toddler stage. I loved watching them learn and discover every new thing about the world. That was the best. And then we started school and it was such fun to get to see them interact with the world and learn and develop into their own little person. That was the best. And then we reached adolescence and that was the best … okay, some days it wasn’t, but mostly it was. 😉 I loved watching as they developed opinions on issues and ideas and began figuring out their place in the world. And now, as both of my children are teenagers with one away at college, I am loving these moments too and think they are the best. I love the friendship that has developed with both of my kids and the way that they also still rely on me as their mom. Over the years, I have loved watching their accomplishments and successes, and also watching their resilience as they experienced trials and disappointments.

I love this time and this moment and, luckily, I never wished any moment away while I was experiencing it, but now there are some days that I wish I could rewind and do it all over again. I cannot lie and say that I don’t miss those little blonde kids with the big blue eyes who just wanted to hold my hand and cuddle. They often say that motherhood is the hardest job, and not for all the work that has to be done, but because our one main job is to love our kids so much that we are able to let them go when it is time. I am so grateful for the privilege I have had to be a mother and for my two incredible children who made me a mom. Being a mother is my greatest joy!

Happy Mother’s Day weekend!


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