SONG OF THE DAY – “CITY OF ANGELS” by Thirty Seconds to Mars

March 3, 2014



I have a song that I have wanted to share for some time and, after the Academy Awards last night, today seemed like the perfect day to share it.

Are any of you as smitten with Jared Leto as I am? I think he is amazing! His performance as Rayon in Dallas Buyers Club was incredible and he was totally deserving of his Oscar win for Actor in a Supporting Role (along with the Golden Globe and Screen Actors Guild awards!). I read that Leto stayed in character 24 hours a day during filming so that he could totally immerse himself into the character. This commitment to development of the character is evident in his performance. Truly remarkable.

Leto is a gifted actor and yet that only scratches the surface of his many talents. He is also the lead vocalist, main songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist for the critically acclaimed band, Thirty Seconds to Mars. He formed the band in Los Angeles in 1998 with his older brother, Shannon Leto. In addition to acclaimed actor and musician, he is also a Director, Producer, Philanthropist, Photographer, and Businessman. He doesn’t do much at all!

Jared Leto is also just a beautiful man. haha! If you watched the Academy Awards last night, or any of the pre- or post- shows, you would certainly have heard people commenting non-stop on his looks. He has been listed twice -in 1996 and 1999- on People magazine’s “50 Most Beautiful People.” And for beauty on the inside 😉 , I found the comments he made about his mother in his Oscar acceptance speech very sweet.

I love this passionate song about Los Angeles by Thirty Seconds to Mars. It is difficult not to get immersed in the song – the very personal lyrics and the music are mesmerizing. The song is from their 2013 album, LOVE LUST FAITH + DREAMS. A very busy year for a very talented guy!


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