SONG OF THE DAY – “DAMAGE” by Jimmy Eat World

February 8, 2014



I am posting a song from the new album by Jimmy Eat World today. I have been a fan of their music for many years now and especially love their songs, “Hear You Me” and “The Middle” – a fantastic angsty, motivational song (awesome for a workout, btw).

Jimmy Eat World was started in 1994 in Mesa, Arizona. Having lived in Arizona for several years, it is fun for me to read about a band who grew up there and made it up through the Phoenix-area music scene. They originally started out as a punk rock group, but by 1999 had made a name for themselves in the emo scene with the very successful release of their album, Clarity. It was the release of their album, Jimmy Eat World (originally named Bleed American) in 2001, however, that launched them successfully into the mainstream alternative rock scene. That album has the two songs that I mentioned above as my two favorites, and is really when I personally discovered the band.

This new album is a great addition to their nearly 20-years of music. I still enjoy their sound and I find this song to just blend seamlessly into their library. This song is probably my favorite off the album – it has great lyrics, cool guitar, and a catchy beat.

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