SONG OF THE DAY – “HOME” by Johnnyswim

December 1, 2013


Yesterday I left one home and arrived at another. Left the home where my parents live and returned to MY little family’s home. It is always nice to “go back home” but it is equally as nice to return home where I live. Home is a strange phenomenon – it can mean so many different things and be so many different places. I feel home when I am with my little family. It really does not matter where I live as long as they are with me.

The song of the day today is by an up and coming husband-wife, music duo called Johnnyswim. I have not been able to determine where they got the name of their group, and when I watched them on the You Oughta Know concert on VH1, the announcer said that he had not been able to get to the bottom of it either.

The duo is married couple Abner Ramirez and Amanda Sudano. Ramirez is a classically trained musician and Sudano is the daughter of disco legend, Donna Summers. You will have to look to see if you recognize the resemblance. They are such a cute couple and make fabulous music together! The chemistry between the two of them is palpable. They have great harmonies and just look like they love each other and what they are doing up on stage.

I love the performance of this song, “Home,” but it is not yet on iTunes. I have attached the link to their album, Heart Beats, which was just released in June of this year. Take a listen to their music, I think you will really enjoy what you hear. I knew that I liked them, but I have to admit that the deal was sealed when I saw them perform on the You Oughta Know concert. Not only were they fabulous live performers, but Mat Kearney (my absolute favorite artist!) performed with them and I learned that he and Ramirez used to be roommates. No way! I knew there was something about him I liked. 😉

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