SONG OF THE DAY – “CAN’T HOLD US” by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis

November 22, 2013


Okay, so I am cheating a little bit today. I posted this song as my daughter’s Song of the Day earlier this year when the official music video came out (which is pretty impressive, btw and has over 150 million views!) and I am certain that a large percentage of you are already familiar with the song; however, after seeing Macklemore and Ryan Lewis live in concert last night, I just have to post this as my Song of the Day today.

We were lucky enough to get to attend the Xbox One Launch Party in Times Square last night and so we were treated to a very intimate concert experience. Wow! What an incredible performance!

The level of energy and sheer exuberance on that stage last night made it impossible not to be caught up in the moment of it all. There is just an honest joy up on that stage, not only in the music, but in the performance and the command of the audience! The crowd just waited for Macklemore to speak and to flash that infectious smile, and he rewarded us with plenty of banter and entertainment. Ryan Lewis gives a validation to the whole experience with his bouncing and dancing back behind his equipment.

We had an unexpected treat when three collaborating artists joined them on stage – Wanz (“Thrift Shop”), Mary Lambert (“Same Love”), and Ray Dalton (“Can’t Hold Us”). All three of them were amazing and brought the songs to life, but I was especially excited to see, and hear, Mary Lambert. She has a remarkable, passion-filled voice, and she has such a personal purpose in that song that you can see and hear when she sings.

They appear to love what they are doing! From all the jumping and dancing up on that stage, they had to be physically exhausted when they walked off. We, however, were just the opposite…we were so hyped up that we couldn’t quit talking about how much FUN we had for the entire train ride home. It was just a great experience!

I am giving you a video of a live performance of “Can’t Hold Us” because I think it demonstrates the energy they display when performing live on stage. This video was in a small radio station studio with no live crowd, so just imagine the dynamics that you see here – the energy, dancing, and enjoyment – and multiply that by 1000.

Macklemore getting his moves on.
Macklemore engaging the crowd!
Macklemore engaging the crowd!
"Same Love" with Mary Lambert.
“Same Love” with Mary Lambert.
"Same Love" with Macklemore and Mary Lambert.
“Same Love” with Macklemore and Mary Lambert.

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