SONG OF THE DAY – “HOME AGAIN” by Michael Kiwanuka

November 2, 2013


Today has been a perfect day!  It was a magnificent fall day with a beautiful blue sky and fantastic temperatures, we went for a lovely hike, and (most importantly) the whole family was home!  On Thursday morning I got a surprise phone call  from my daughter, who is away at college, telling me that she wanted to spontaneously come home for the weekend.  I was thrilled!  Nothing feels better than having the whole family home — It makes everything feel right in the world. 🙂  She arrived home last night on the train and we have been enjoying every family moment together since then.  We are just now getting ready to bake cookies to finish up the perfect day.  We get one more day with her home and then we will have to wait another 3 weeks for Thanksgiving.  Does any parent get used to their child living away from home?  The strange thing is, that with this being her second year away, it has started to feel “normal” not having her home, but the joy of having her home … there is nothing like it!  This song just seemed like a perfect fit for the day.  I love having her home and I already can’t wait until she comes HOME AGAIN.  ❤


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