SONG OF THE DAY – “EVERY TIME YOU SAY GOODBYE” by Alison Krauss & Union Station

November 23, 2013



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I am posting something a little different today. I love the bluegrass sound and the banjo in this song; it just makes me feel like swaying along to the music when I listen.

It is also the perfect song for a goodbye. Our exchange student is heading back home to Singapore this evening. It has been quite an experience for all of us. He is heading home on crutches with a sprained ankle, a hacking cough and cold, and a thousand shopping bags full of things he “just had to have.”

It is interesting when you have someone stay with you from a different country. We have so much in common and yet there are so many things that are just uniquely different. Many of the things that we think are so normal in our country are just so foreign in Singapore life, and vice versa. It has been a great experience for my son and I hope that the two boys will stay in contact for many years to come.

In talking to all 11 boys last night, I can tell you one thing they won’t miss … hamburgers. It makes me laugh that everyone thought they needed to experience Shake Shack and McDonald’s. By about day three, they were just ready for some good old Chinese food.

SONG OF THE DAY – “JET LAG” by Simple Plan, featuring Natasha Bedingfield

November 10, 2013


Sometimes a song I want to share just seems to find the perfect moment to be shared.  That is the case with today’s song.  I have had this song on my share list for awhile now, and today just seems like the perfect time to share it.

We are hosting an exchange students from Singapore who just arrived this morning. He will be here with us for the next two weeks. It is his first time in the States and we are all excited for this opportunity. He left Singapore on Friday night and arrived here in New York this morning (Sunday) – about 23 hours of travel and an 11 hour time difference! I know he must be completely jet lagged, but he refuses to rest. This group that came to visit our school is quite impressive.  There are 11 scholars from the most prestigious secondary school in Singapore. After their return, they have to give a presentation to the Minister of Education in Singapore.

My kids have been lucky enough to travel to other countries and stay with families, and we have been blessed to have students from other countries come stay with us – 2 students from Switzerland and 2 students from China when we lived in London; and 2 students from Taiwan when we lived in Dallas. I believe these opportunities to connect with people from other places and backgrounds makes our world a much smaller place. When you have friends from all over the world, I think you develop an appreciation and respect for others, and have a much broader picture of the world and our place in it. I hope our visitor recovers from his jet lag quickly … it will be a busy 2 weeks!