June 14, 2014


Just a quick note on this lovely Saturday afternoon.

I am posting a song today from two sisters who form the talented Swedish-duo, First Aid Kit. I love finding bands that so many other musicians are talking about. This group is one of those bands. First Aid Kit is made up of sisters, Johanna and Klara Soderberg, from a suburb outside of Stockholm, Sweden. They have great vocals and create amazing harmonies.

The song is from their third album, and the first one from a major label (Columbia). The album was released in the US just a few days ago – June 10, 2014. They are performing at Bonaroo this weekend and are very popular festival performers. They are young and love to tour; currently on tour, they would be a great live show.


January 8, 2014


Well, hello! I have been off the grid for a few days and am happy to get a chance to post today.

I am currently in a hotel in Coban, Guatemala. It has been an amazing and adventurous experience thus far. Before the trip, our Habitat Team Leader kept emphasizing the need to be flexible when building a home here in Central America. She was right! It has become our mantra … that and “It Will Be Okay!” Thus the reason for the song choice today. 🙂

There are many funny, inspiring, interesting stories to share, but I don’t have the patience or energy to deal with the internet to write much today. So, there will be more to come. I do think the perspective this experience is giving me is absolutely invaluable!

The song today is from a rising musical duo out of Brooklyn, New York. Their indie folk style reminds me a bit of The Lumineers. This song is upbeat and catchy and is just full of good vibes. The duo is made up of Mitchy Collins and Danielle Bouchard, both singer- songwriters with excellent voices and an infectious style. Give them a listen, I think you will enjoy.

I am off to bed … after 8 long hours of hauling cinder blocks and sand up a hill, carrying wet concrete in buckets, and moving rocks from one pile to another pile, I am ready for bed! 🙂