March 24, 2014


I just got home from a quick trip to Dallas. It was fantastic to get to meet up with my husband in our old stomping ground for a fun weekend during the middle of his crazy travel schedule. We ate out at our favorite restaurants, drove past our old home, walked on the Katy Trail (our old running trail, but the broken back is not yet ready for a run yet!), and visited with some good friends. Even more importantly, my son got to spend the entire weekend with his two best friends!

When you move as often as I have, you sometimes realize how many memories and people you have left behind along the way. I have certainly felt it this year as I have made an effort to return to visit and reconnect with many old friends. It is not an easy task to maintain long distance friendships, but it is absolutely worth it … particularly when you find people with whom you really connect. Sometimes I find myself wishing that I had taken better advantage of the time together with people when I lived someplace, because suddenly that easy friendship is gone.

From time to time, you cross my mind; good company is hard to find.”

I love the connections that I have made along the way and wouldn’t trade my crazy life because I realize how many of them I would never have crossed paths with if not for this wild ride. I am also happy that so many of these friends are willing to maintain a long distance friendship, particularly with a friend who just snuck into their life for a brief moment. All those people cross my mind often!

I love this song and I love the musical sound of Twin Forks. The band was formed in early 2013 by Chris Carrabba, the lead singer and guitarist of the band Dashboard Confessional (posted a song by them on this page in November 2013). Dashboard Confessional was also started by singer-songwriter, Chris Carrabba, in the early 2000s as an intimate acoustic project, but grew into a full-fledged, successful emo rock band. In early 2013, Carrabba was inspired to return to the music that he loved and which had initially inspired him – classic folk and roots – and he formed the quartet known as Twin Forks. The band includes Carrabba, Suzie Zeldin, Ben Homola and Jonathan Clark. Carrabba is a very talented man and a fabulous songwriter and this project seems to have reinvigorated his musical and creative spirit. This song is from their self-titled album, Twin Forks, which was released in February of this year. There are many great songs on this album and a couple others that you might like to check out, include: “Can’t Be Broken” and “Kiss Me Darling.”


SONG OF THE DAY – “STOLEN” by Dashboard Confessional

November 5, 2013


Happy Election Day!  It has always been my feeling that if you don’t use your privilege and obligation to vote, then you don’t have a right to complain. Therefore, every time I move, I immediately get registered to vote – just in case I want to complain. 😉 When I woke up this morning, however, I realized that I was not planning to vote today.  I am not making a political statement … I just honestly don’t know what or for whom I am voting.  I have lived in this town for such a short time (just 3 months!) and the system is completely different from anything I have ever known.  What is a Selectman? I have never even heard that term before! How can I just go to the voting booth and vote for names of people who I know nothing about for positions of which I have never even heard? So, instead of casting a vote today, I decided to personally cast my vote for most memorable election song.  Without a doubt, that song for me would by “Don’t Stop” by Fleetwood Mac, used by President Bill Clinton. I grew up loving Fleetwood Mac and I remember how excited I was by their reunion for Clinton’s inauguration.  For me, it was the perfect words to the perfect song and it generated such excitement and hope for the future.  Would anyone else like to cast a different vote?  I would love to hear your choice of most memorable election songs.  Hope your woman or man won today!