April 22, 2014


Happy Earth Day!

“The world as I see it is a remarkable place!” I love this song by Jason Mraz and it seems like the perfect song today for Earth Day.

Over the years, I have taken many steps to become greener and more responsible in caring for the earth. I grew up in a home that was very committed to recycling and that was long before it was a popular thing to do. I remember someone throwing a soda can into the trash once and my dad walked over and said, “Mother Earth thanks you!” as he pulled the can out of the trash. I am grateful that I inherited that trait from him. 😉

With each passing year, my concern for the earth and the human toll we put on it grows, and I find myself wanting to make a commitment to do more to protect it. I have one major goal this year and it is something that I have been thinking about for several years, but it always seemed like such a big project that I did not pursue it. This year on Earth Day, I am committing to get it done. THIS YEAR I will begin composting!

So many of us think that when we throw biodegradable materials into the trash that they will biodegrade; but, I learned that this is not correct. In landfills, the trash is so tight that there is not enough air to get to those items to help them biodegrade, and so they never do break down. Ever since I learned that little factoid, I have felt guilty when I put a banana peel or potato skins or other biodegradable scraps into the trash. I know that I can make the commitment to create a compositing pile and thereby start to eliminate a few more things from my trash can. We already recycle the majority of our trash, so this will help me take that percentage even higher.

What will you be doing to go green(er) this year?

In addition to this being a great Earth Day song, Jason Mraz is probably one of the “earthiest” artists I can think of. 😉 This song is from his fourth and most recent album, Love Is A Four Letter Word, which was released in 2012. The live performance of the song in the YouTube video below is performed with his oft musical companion – Toca Rivera. It is a great song with a beautiful message and I hope that you enjoy it.


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