SONG OF THE DAY – “CRAZY” by Gnarls Barkley

February 6, 2013


It’s Throwback Thursday! Today’s #tbt song was originally posted as my daughter’s Song of the Day on November 2, 2009!

I absolutely love this song! It has been a favorite of mine since it’s release in early 2006.
I remember vividly the first time I heard the song. I was living in Arizona at the time and had a remarkable yoga instructor, named Alex Austin, who also plays amazing music in his yoga classes. His playlists have always been an inspiration. (Ugh, makes me miss his yoga classes just thinking about it!) He played this song in his class and I immediately loved it! It is a great song for practicing yoga.
Interestingly, I just had a discussion about this song over the weekend in NYC with a young man who is a musician and owns a recording studio. We were “nerding out” talking about music and we discussed how awesome this song is, both from the sound of CeeLo’s distinctive voice to the incredible depth of the music itself. Of course, as soon as I got home, I played the song and so it was an easy decision for my #tbt song today. I am glad to have it playing again on this recent playlist.
When I first heard the song and the name of the group, I thought Gnarls Barkley was a person, but I quickly realized it was the name of a duo that included Danger Mouse (music producer, Brian Joseph Burton) and CeeLo Green (singer-songwriter, Thomas DeCarlo Callaway). CeeLo is probably most famous for his role on the television show, “The Voice,” but you have to admit that the guy can sing! I hear rumours that Gnarls Barkley may be releasing a new album in the near future and that is exciting news, particularly if they can recreate a song like “Crazy” again.
“Crazy” was the soul duo’s first single released in April 2006 off their debut album, St. Elsewhere. They won two Grammy Awards in 2007 for Best Urban/Alternative performance for “Crazy” and Best Alternative Music Album, but they were also nominated for two of the big awards that year as well – Album Of The Year and Record Of The Year. Amazing song that ranks right up there in my list of all-time favorites.
Screen shot 2014-02-06 at 10.28.21 AM

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