February 4, 2014


HAPPY 18th BIRTHDAY to my beautiful daughter!


I can hardly believe that my little girl is 18 years old today, but I know that she is so excited to finally be 18! This is the perfect song for her today. Bow Wow made his rap debut at age 13 in 2000. I’m sure he was excited when he turned 18 too.

I want to use this post today to tell my daughter what an amazing young lady she has become. My life changed for the better the moment she entered it.

She has the most incredible mind, a deeply passionate spirit, and -most importantly- a genuinely loving and affectionate heart. There is no one who can make me feel more beautiful or more loved than she can. She loves to hug and to feel connected to others. She has had a tremendous amount of change and challenges in her 18 years. She has lived in nine different cities in her young life … well, really 10 if we count her current life at Wellesley College in Boston.

She is resilient, brave, talented, loyal, and adventurous. I know that if I were looking for a friend, I would be looking for her. How lucky I am that she came to me! She has made me a better person and I have loved every moment of the last 18 years.

Happy Birthday, sweet girl! I hope you have a spectacular day and the most amazing year! I am excited to watch as you continue to grow, and I know that there is a world full of adventure and success that lies ahead for you.



5:58 pm on February 4, 1996 after 3 long days of labor followed by an emergency c-section!


                          Cutest baby ever!                           An (INTENSE) Pepsi girl right from the start! Proud dad. 🙂


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