December 9, 2013


Today has been a busy day … a busy day for everyone it seems. I know that the holidays seems to make everyone hectic and for many students (both college and high school), it is finals season. Sometimes when I am busy I get stressed or overwhelmed, but I have to admit that I like it; being busy keeps me from being lazy. đŸ™‚ I met up with some new friends for coffee this afternoon and it was such a nice break and reminded me to make sure to keep a little love in my day and share my love . This song just kind of sums up what I want to say today, so I am keeping MY words short.

Katie Herzig is darling. Her music has a warm sound, sometimes quirky, sometimes perky, but always full of a lot of heart. This song was just recently put on the Nashville Indie Spotlight compilation on iTunes. Another favorite of her songs is one she does as a duet with Matthew Perryman Jones, called “Where the Road Meets the Sun.

Put a little bit of love outside!


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