December 4, 2013


Wow, don’t you remember your teenage days? Sometimes it seems like a lifetime ago and other times it feels like it was only a moment ago. Some of our most powerful memories seem to come from that season of life.

It is funny that as adults we always want to tell teenagers that they have it so easy and “just wait until you enter real life.” Maybe they do have life easy in some respects – in hindsight! – but, I can tell you that I would not go back to that time of life, and I loved my teenage years. Those days were filled with a bucket full of first experiences – disappointment, rejection, sorrow, regret, pressure, and first love. Ugh … those were tough days.

I think teenagers feel the highest of highs and the lowest of lows. Life is a roller coaster. Every emotion comes at a teenager at full speed like a train with no regulator. Perspective is hard when you are a teen. So, who would go back to those days?

I would not classify myself as a huge country music fan, but I love great music and that can be found in all genres. My playlist has plenty of country. I really enjoy listening to Lady Antebellum. This song is from their new album, Golden, and I love this song and the story it tells. It is a story about those last few moments of being a teenager before you take off down your own path. It is about enjoying that moment together with those you have shared that time of life with, and then going your own separate ways. With a daughter looking at 18 around the corner, this song just connects. Hope you enjoy it too.


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