“Princess Of China” by Coldplay & Rihanna

November 6, 2014


It’s Throwback Thursday! Today’s #tbt song is by one of my favorite groups and is the perfect song for today in China!

I am feeling very lucky to get to be with my Princess in China, and today we are off to see the jewel of China.

We are heading out to hike the Great Wall of China. We are not going to the refurbished, tourist section of the wall, but instead we have hired a guide to take us out climbing and hiking in a much more rugged area. I did a lot of research and our guide came highly recommended by many people who I spoke with from all over the world. (That, in itself, was fun! I reached out to people from all over the world regarding a shared experience and we instantly connected. Friends are everywhere!) Anyway, this sounds like the perfect adventure for me and my daughter. I am so excited and imagine I will have some great pictures to share.

Today’s song just resonated with me for an adventure day in China. I am so excited to be here and the video is an awesome look into the romance and allure of China. “Princess of China” is from Coldplay’s 2011 album, Mylo Xyloto. We saw Coldplay in concert following this album. It was the second time the entire family went to see Coldplay in concert – the first time was at Wembley Stadium in London in 2009 and the second time was in Dallas in 2012 – and so Coldplay is always at the top of my list as a family favorite.

Off to conquer the wall and marvel at a wonder of the world. I am feeling blessed today.


May 4, 2014



Today I am posting a song by an artist that I just find fascinating – LP.

I really love LP’s totally unique sound. This song is from her new album, Forever For Now, scheduled for release on June 3. I am excited to listen to the album in its entirety because I understand there are a lot of new sounds for her and a real focus on her very unique voice.

I was first exposed to LP with her song, “Into the Wild,” which I absolutely adore. Many of you may have heard the song as it was later played on a CitiBank commercial). I also watched one of her live concert performances online and was really taken by her entire performance – her interaction with the audience, her look, her infamous ukulele (an instrument she taught herself to play), her whistle, and that incredibly unique voice. One of my favorite live performances is of Beyonce’s song, “Halo” – watch it here. I am hoping to get a chance to see her perform in person soon; I have heard the performances are electrifying.

LP is a native New Yorker who moved to Los Angeles many years ago in her pursuit of music. She has been on the music scene for many years and, in fact, once had a bidding war to sign her to a recording contract after her performance at SXSW in 2006. Along with being an amazing performer, she is also an incredible songwriter and has written songs for many artists, including Rihanna (“Cheers (Drink to That)“) and many others. Along the way, LP has amassed a loyal fan base and many admirers, including being named as Artist of the Week by Vogue Magazine in 2012, and receiving praise from the likes of CNN, Rolling Stone, and Esquire (see her bio).

Enjoy this new song and keep your eye out for her new album.

SONG OF THE DAY – “THE MONSTER” by Eminem, featuring Rihanna

December 11, 2013


Today I am posting a song that I just can’t get out of my head. My son originally introduced me to this song … literally, on the day it was released! He is a huge Eminem fan and a fan of rap music in general. If you like rap music, I am certain you are already familiar with it; if you don’t, you may still be familiar as it hit #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 list.

I also like a fair amount of rap music and I have been a fan of Eminem for many years, since the song “Lose Yourself” and 8-Mile. I lived in Detroit (well, a suburb of Detroit) and have actually driven on 8-Mile Road hundreds of times. The movie was fascinating. I think Eminem is an interesting man – definitely brilliant and certainly dark and emotional. My biggest issue with most rap music is the language. Sometimes I just flinch through the whole song, so it does tend to limit the number of songs from that genre on my playlist; but, they do make for great workout music!

I’m a little obsessed with this song. Eminem is a great story-teller and this one is just a page right out of his life. I love his honesty and Rihanna’s voice is just spectacular, as usual. Her chorus is my favorite part of the song and the piece that I just can’t get out of my head. This is their 4th collaboration and obviously their musical chemistry is a good recipe for success.