December 7, 2013


Throwback Thursday – Originally posted as my daughter’s Song of the Day on 12/18/2010.

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I decided to post this today so that you could enjoy it during the holiday season. But, to be honest, I listen to this song year round. This is such a beautiful song and is truly one of my favorites.

Listening to “Christmas Lights” always makes me homesick for London. Unfortunately we won’t be there for the Christmas season at all this year and when I hear this song, it makes me truly long for it. I’m guessing that many of you are already familiar with this song (easy guess as the YouTube video has nearly 17 million views!), so I hope it is just a nice recall for you and, for those not familiar, a great new introduction.

I love Coldplay! I just love almost everything they do and I am in awe of Chris Martin … what an amazing talent. I have seen Coldplay in concert twice – once in London (Wembley!) and once in Dallas. I would see them a hundred times! They can sell out huge arenas, but their shows still feel so incredibly intimate. Both times they suddenly appeared at a spot way out in the middle of the crowd and performed a few acoustic songs right there amidst the crowd. It was truly incredible! So many Coldplay favorites, but : Fix You, The Scientist, Yellow, and Paradise would have to be right up there.



December 3, 2013


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I just have to share this song with you today!

I heard this version of the Christmas classic last night and was completely mesmerized. If you have not heard it yet, you must listen! I was having a difficult time making the transition from Thanksgiving into the Christmas spirit, and this song just catapulted me into the Christmas mood. Amazing! I am just totally enthralled by the music they can make without any instruments. Just so incredibly cool!

Each member of this vocal group, Pentatonix, is equally talented and successful in their own right (check out their Bio here), but put them together and they become such an incredible mix of complete awesomeness. Yes, I just used that word … and yes, I am in my 40s. I know, it is probably time to grow up. Never! 😉

Wishing all of you an incredible holiday season and hope that today’s Song of the Day will help you get into the spirit of the season.