July 22, 2014



Another great song written by Ryan Tedder for OneRepublic. He truly is one of the most talented people in the music industry … he is just amazing! I love the lyrics and the music to this song. It has such a nice sound and draws the listener in with the emotional weight of the music.

This song was written for the movie, The Giver (based on the book by Lois Lowry), which should be released mid-August and is anticipated to be a major summer blockbuster. The soundtrack for the movie, called The Giver: Music Collection, is expected to be released one week prior to the movie (August 5). The soundtrack sounds incredible, including not only OneRepublic, but also Capital Cities, Jack Bugg, Aloe Blacc, and NeedToBreathe among others. I am really looking forward it.

I am just an “ordinary human” and have not been fantastic about regularly positing the last two weeks. It has been a crazy summer and I am hoping things slow down a bit so I can get back onto a regular routine. Looking forward to sharing more music! Have a great summer!


SONG OF THE DAY – “SAFE AND SOUND” by Capital Cities

December 8, 2013


In keeping with the theme from yesterday, I am posting another song that is a Grammy nominee for Best Music Video. This is a bit of an older song and probably most of you are already familiar with it (judging by the fact that the YouTube video and Spotify have close to 50 million hits), but I have three reasons for posting it today.

The first reason is the recent Grammy nomination and the fact that the video is incredibly original and just a great piece of art in and of itself. The song has been a viral sensation! Although their full album (In A Tidal Wave of Mystery) just came out in June 2013, this song was actually released independently in 2011 and garnered a huge following. I really like Capital Cities. They are very talented and stay true to the sound that inspires them; they are unique and interesting, and just plain fun to listen to.

The second reason is that I promised a friend that I would post more running/exercise music and I actually love to workout to this song. It has a great beat and, even more than that, it just keeps me interested and jiving along. I hope you can use this one, Ruthie. 🙂

The last reason is that my husband has been traveling like a mad man for work the last few months. We had him home for literally a day and a half before he flew out again this morning on a long haul international flight. He will be gone for a 7 day stint, leaving London, Singapore, Tokyo, and Vail, Colorado in his wake. (Haha…one of these things just doesn’t belong.) I just want him to travel safely and arrive in his destinations safe and sound. ❤

All of these reasons just made for the perfect fit for posting this song today. Enjoy your Sunday!