About Me

Welcome to “Not Your Mom’s Playlist.” My name is Diane and I love music! I have a remarkable husband and two young-adult children, who keep me young at heart! I became an empty-nester this year and surprised myself when I left my 40s. 😉 When did that happen?

Music is truly a passion of mine and I enjoy sharing the music I love with others.

My music taste is unexpectedly diverse and includes those up and coming artists who are just finding their voice to songs that I grew up with, and everything in between. I love the experience of live music and I am an avid concert goer and purveyor of new (and old) music.

I have lived in 12 different cities over the past 27 years – from coast to coast (including several places in the middle) to London, England. I currently find myself living in, and loving, NYC! The infusion of all these music scenes has certainly not been lost on me. Each city I have lived in has brought a new glimpse into music and it has enhanced my love for a variety of genres and artists. I often tell people that a city is great IF it has a good music scene. You can find great music everywhere!



6 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi, I’ve noticed you haven’t updated this for a while but this is a blog I’ve searched for every few months over the last few years to update my music. You have a similar taste to me and it’s very refreshing to find good music so quickly by visiting here. I in turn update my iPod playlists that I play in the cinema I work at where it’s very much appreciated too – both in England and now in New Zealand. Please come back to it soon!

    1. Thank you so much for your note. I am sorry that I have been away. I had some health issues that distracted me and then it just got difficult to return. I loved reading this message and have been feeling driven to start back up again. Thanks for your push. 🙂

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